Can Tea Tree oil help with Burns? 
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Can Tea Tree oil help with Burns? 

Do you have the misfortune to burn yourself? Are you prone to blisters? Here is the long-term solution that will benefit you. Burning occurs frequently at work. These are the cell damages brought on by heat, excessive sun exposure, hazardous chemicals, and other radiation types. The market is flooded with antiseptics thanks to improved medical procedures.  

But Tea tree oil, a natural treatment for burns, has taken over the market and displaced the chemical sector. Southeast Queensland and the northeast coast of Australia are where you can find tea tree oil. It develops from Melaleuca alternifolia tea tree leaves. You can find fascinating information about tea tree oil working miracles naturally in this blog.  

Is Tea Tree Oil Beneficial for Burns?  

Tea tree oil has a light yellow to nearly colourless appearance and a fresh, camphoraceous odour. This Australian oil was introduced to the world in 1920 by well-known businessman Arthur Penfold and contains a variety of compounds mixed with air-forming oxides. The following will go into detail regarding the numerous skin benefits of tea tree essential oil:  

Effects of antibiotics: Terapenin-4-ol, a component of tea tree oil, has antibiotic properties that guard against infection and promote quick healing of the burned area. This antiseptic quality aids in all-around skin protection.  

Effects of anti-inflammation: This quality helps to lessen the pain, redness, and swelling associated with burns. By doing this, you keep your skin healthy and strong enough to heal any existing damage.  

Effects of antioxidants: Tea tree oil has a high level of antioxidants because the compounds it contains oxidise when exposed to air, assisting the skin in defending itself against damaging radicals and promoting skin renewal.  

Tea tree oil is a well-known oil used in natural remedies because of its moisturising properties. Tea tree oil is a special oil that prevents dryness during the healing process of any burn because of its moisturising properties. The skin is nourished by the moisturising effect, which gives it moisture to heal more effectively.  

How Can Tea Tree Oil Be Used For Burns?  

Before applying the oil, clean the area. You must clean it with soap and water before adding any oil. The area should be towel-dried.  

Before applying the oil to the burned area, it must be diluted. Because diluted oil can irritate the skin and harm the burned area, this is the reason. So, be sure to dilute the oil with any carrier oil, such as coconut, almond, etc.  

Three drops of tea tree oil to one tablespoon of carrier oil must be the exact ratio for the mixture. Now, massage the affected area with the diluted oil.  

A light massage will help spread the oil and loosen up any tight muscles caused by the burning.  

A clean gauze or sterile pad should be used to cover the area because they will allow the oil to penetrate the skin and protect it from other pollutants while also providing the burned area with the care it needs.  

For best results, perform this procedure three times a day minimum. Your burned area will recover quickly.  

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