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Aromatic oils or essential oils have been used by many cultures around the globe. These are the powerful extracts that have long been praised for their healing, beauty enhancing, spiritual, medicinal, therapeutic and aromatic attributes. At Kush Aroma Exports, you will be facilitated with the magical range of essential oils. We are the trustworthy manufacturer, supplier and exporter of natural extracts and stick to the philosophy to keep soul, body and mind alive.

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Kush Aroma Exports was founded in 1962 as the trusted natural essential oils manufacturer, exporter, supplier and wholesaler. We adopted the natural essential oils field to keep the ancient philosophy alive of making a balance among body, mind and soul. Our clear perception is to represent the nature’s 100% pure and finest range of products in front of the world. Kush Aroma Exports is the leading essential oils manufacturer you can choose to avail 100% pure and natural essential oils that are carefully extracted at well-equipped distillation plant in Kannauj, India. The range we provide is prepared from fresh picked flowers by following steam distillation method. We are renowned as the popular essential oils suppliers which also process an unadulterated range of cold pressed carrier oil, peppermint products, traditional Indian attars, floral water and other allied products.

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Areas Of Essential Oil Application


Food & Beverage Industry

Our natural essential oils are highly demand in the food and beverage industry.


Medical Institutions

We supply therapeutic grade essential oils for various medicinal purposes.


Spa & Relaxation Areas

Extensively used in spas treatment and known for relaxing and rejuvenating effects on the body.


Cosmetics Industry

Record Delivery of 100% pure essential oils for beauty products at wholesale price (Worldwide).


Therapeutic Centers

We're popular for manufacturing and supplying essential oils for therapy usage.


Perfume Industry

Our maximum essential oil production is consumed in making perfumes and other derivatives.

Avail Certified Quality Essential Oils

Kush Aroma tops the list for its “Quality Products”, be it essential oil, attar, carrier oils, organic essential oils or anything else. We understand that Quality of essential oils impacts therapeutic value and safety. However, we take advantage of proven methods, process and activity for producing high-quality essential oils. Before going into the hand of consumers, all our products pass through regression quality check.

A team of QA, deeply inspect the factors which could impact on the quality of essential oils, such as plant species, processing, packaging, and storage. Our ISO-certified products are highly recommended for aromatherapy and medicinal purpose. Conclusively our 100% natural and pure essential oils will be boon for you.

Be Natural

World wide Demand Of Essential Oils

According to the proven stats - From the year 2010 to 2015, there were a drastic explode of customers using essential oils. By calculating the exact ratio, the global market demand of essential oils has been estimated approx 174 tons which is predicted to reach around 245 tons by the end of 2020.

Kush Aroma is expanding itself across different verticals including - Cleaning & Home, Medical, Food & Beverages, Spa & Relaxation etc. We’re ready to manage the increasing demand for essential oils or natural products. In an area of 600 acres, we manufacture the best quality of natural products especial essential oils, attars, absolute oils, carrier oils, organic essential oils etc. We use world-class machinery and approaches for balancing the demand and supply ratio.

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Happy Clients

We have a successful track record where we maintained a strong customer-base who repetitively purchase our products.

100% Pure Extracts

Our offered oils range is completely pure and obtained from natural

24/7 Support

We maintain a cordial relationship with our clients and facilitate them with quick responses to their queries.

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img Rose water in our manufacturing unit

Let's have a quick glance at the preparation of rose water in our manufacturing unit. Rosewater is flavored water made by the process of steam distillation, where fresh rose petals are used for this purpose. It’s 100% pure and natural having the essence of its source. In addition to this, Rosewater prepared in our unit possesses the properties like- anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and moisture retention.

It’s widely used in different sectors and applications. To extract the rose water, the roses are hand-picked from the rose field. Rose water produced through this process has lots of benefits as compared to produce by other means. It contains nutritious juice and pure rose oil.

25 Years Experience

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Nice products, great service. They gave us exactly what we were looking for and with essential oils product & absolutes, they supplied the high quality as expected. Perfect delivery, excellent shopping cart & easy payment methods along with best quality products. Definitely, we will do more business together in the future...


Excellent Products, Great Value, Top Quality

Our order of essential oils was delivered on time with great care and it was beautifully wrapped in packets. The products quality was superior with a variety of range and price. We extremely impressed with the level of service we have received from Kush Aroma Exports and we will continue to order from you and will be more happy to recommend you for anyone else.


Amazing natural essential oils by Kush Aroma Exports

Excellent collection of essential oils to eliminate many health problems from the root. I was looking for the best and effective natural products to treat my skin problems. I was fed up of using different conventional cosmetic products to cure the skin ailment but, it came again as the effect of medicine became slower. Purchasing the soothing essential oils from Kush Aroma Exports wiped out all my skin related stress as the range done wonders to my irritated and infected skin. I would highly recommend the site & products


Best collections of organic oils I have purchased from Kush Aroma Exports. Actually I was just searching for the pure & natural organic products for aromatherapy. I was using different ordinary oils products for aromatherapy but, it was of no vain, but Kush Aroma Exports supplies best oils with best delivery speed.


Kusharomaexports is a unique brand among the mix of essential oil agencies available on the market today. I love the quality & affordability of Kusharomaexports essential oils because they never compromising quality and testing protocols.


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