Wild Crafted Essential Oils

Wild Crafted Essential Oils is a popular category of essential oils that are considered as a good way to improve your health, mood and vitality. They are the natural form as obtained from 100% pure plant material where synthetic methods and products are not used in the manufacturing process.

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Kush Aroma Exports gives the customers an easy web platform to buy online essential oils. We are located in Kannauj, India as being a distinguished manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler and supplier of 100% pure and natural wild crafted essential oils. Each wild crafted essential oil type that we stock has a pleasant and unique scent that triggers your emotions and memories and leads you towards a balanced life. 

Unlike an organic essential oil that requires its plant material to be farmed organically, the wild crafted essential oils can be obtained from wild crafted plant sources. It can either happen in natural ways or can be cultivated by following the desired farming criteria. We make sure to pick only those plants that are harvested in a sustainable manner without using any chemicals or pesticides. Notably, only certain parts of the plant are used including flowers or leaves. 

These wild crafted plants are native and organic in their inherent traits. Like organic and conventional essential oils, wild crafted oils have the tendency to change every season. As a result, one can expect a different crop type each year. The variants that we cover are Birch, Cedarwood, Copaiba, Balsam, Benzoin, Angelica and many more.

To keep yourself calm and relaxed, our exotic range of essential oils can be used for inhalation, massage, soothing baths, dietary consumption and even in several topical applications. The motto is to improve emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. The astonishing scent of our 100% pure wild crafted essential oils can refine your beauty routine with personal care products along with purity of your home.