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Kush Aroma Exports provides the best CO2 extracts oils around the globe. We being a reliable CO2 extracts oils manufacturer, CO2 extracts oils exporter, CO2 extracts oils wholesaler and CO2 extracts oils supplier from Kannauj, India ensure that you receive the most therapeutically active natural essential oils.

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This modern technology used by our experts at our plant in Kannauj, India delivers essential oils with more natural flavor and fresher fragrance.  CO2 extract oils are vetted for purity, authenticity and its organoleptic properties. Our dedicated staff carries several years of expertise in aromatic evaluation of essential oils, absolutes and extracts. 

CO2 extract oils delivered at our store comes as natural cleansing and detoxifying agent and has a calm grounding effect. CO2 extract oils have gained a huge popularity because of having therapeutic properties, pleasurable natural aroma and 100% purity.  At Kush Aroma Exports, we are dedicated to improving the lives of patients by delivering products that are available for cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes. Dealing in high quality products, Kush Aroma believes in maintaining honesty and transparency with its clients. Compared to other CO2 extraction methods in the market, our process is well-recognized and high yielding. 

Oil extracted via carbon dioxide method is referred to as CO2 extracts oils, these extracts are produced using superficial carbon dioxide extraction method. This method has a couple of advantages to offer. There are no solvent residues left behind and the resultant product is completely pure.

We understand the need of our customers seriously and incorporate one of the best practices to serve with the best-crafted 100% pure CO2 extracts oils with both bulk and small orders. We hold ourselves solely responsible for providing the healthiest products possible. The use of cutting-edge technology and safe standards has helped us deliver consistent and flavorful CO2 extracts oils.

CO2 Extracts Oils Products:

Benzoin which features a sweet, vanilla-like aroma and has medicinal properties for curing bronchitis, acne, eczema, and mouth ulcers. Jasmine absolute oil helps during childbirth as it strengthens contractions. Other range of exclusive products we have in store comprises Lavender, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Orange Sweet, Tea Tree, Thyme, Valerian Root, Cedarwood, Coriander and so on.