What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are extracted from several different parts of the plants - leaves, flowers, seeds, wood, bark, root and resin. In their purest form, essential oils are quite concentrated and therefore, you should always avoid using them on your skin directly in an undiluted form. You may use other lotions or carrier oils to dilute the oils.

What is a carrier/vegetable oil?

Carrier oils are also known as Base oils or Vegetable oils. They are vegetable, nut or seed oils and often accompanied withtherapeutic qualities. Essential oils in their pure state are extremely concentrated to be used directly on the skin and you will therefore need to dilute them with a carrier oil, to "carry" the essential oil over your skin. Carrier oils can however also be used inbody care products and soaps.

They are derived from the fatty parts of a plant, such as the seed, kernels or nuts.

Can essential oils be used directly on skin?

Essential oils are extremely concentrated and therefore no one will advise you to use them directly on your skin because it may lead to severe irritation. You must dilute them with carrier oils, cream lotions or other skincare products before using them on skin. Each oil has a different dilution range, which is why there is no specific instruction in general.

Are the oils 100% pure? How do you know?

All essential oils and carrier oils on our website are 100% pure and natural. The extraction methods utilized may differ from one another, but no harsh chemical process is used to deteriorate the purity of the oils.

Do you make use of biodegradable packaging?

The bottles, tubs and pouches that we use are not biodegradable. However as  far as PETE plastic bottles and Glass Bottles are concerned, theyare recyclable.

Is hexane present in your oils?

We supply only 100% natural cold pressed oils and do not use any harsh chemical process that may tamper the quality of the oils.

Are any of the oils Hydrogenated?

We supply only 100% natural cold pressed oils and do not use any harsh chemical process that may tamper the quality of the oils.

The carrier oil I received has no odor.

It is true that some of the carrier oils come with a noticeable fragrance;however, it depends on the source of that carrier oil. Most of the oils in our inventory are naturally refined, which is why they rarely have any smell. This is primarily because the fragrant particles are eliminated during the refining process. However, if you order virgin oils or unrefined oils, you can have the odor.

Are the oils GMO free?

We supply only 100% natural cold pressed oils and do not use any harsh chemical process that may tamper the quality of the oils.

Are the oils ethical?

We try to include as much information as feasible in our products pages and you may refer them. In some cases, some of the information might be missing, but our aim is to deal only in ethical trade. We cannot however guarantee as a supplier that the products are traded fairly. Our products are free of animal cruelty.

1 liter of oil does not weigh 1kg!

Every oil has a different and characteristic specific gravity. This is why the weight compared to water differs. It is therefore that 1 liter of water equals 1kg whereas 1 liter of an essential oil might vary between 780 grams and 900 grams.

What is the correct way to store products?

Just make sure that you close the clid completely and adequately after using the oil because when the oil comes in contact with air, it reacts with it (oxidation) and the life is henceforth decreased. Also, ensure that you are not placing oil under direct sunlight. Always chose a dark and cool place. You may also use your refrigerator to store the oil.

Can I avail a discount if I buy in bulk?

Definitely! When you buy in large quantities, the products are proportionately cheaper.

The item I received is damaged or leaking, what should I do?

Please contact us by email [email protected] and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Do you use any chemicals in your oils?

We supply only 100% natural cold pressed oils and do not use any harsh chemical process that may tamper the quality of the oils.

Does Castor oil contain Ricin?

Castor oil doesn't contain ricin; ricin is left over in the pulp of the bean following extraction of the oil from the seed.

What is the difference between Virgin, Refined and Unrefined oils?

  • Virgin Oil - Virgin oil is an unadulterated form of oil. They are often slightly darker than the refined ones. This happens because the virgin oil preserves sediment as well as odor.
  • Unrefined Oil – Sometimes, virgin oil is regarded as unrefined because it contains the sediments and often accompanies odor as well.
  • Refined Oil – When the virgin or unrefined oil is de-odorized and all the impurities are eliminated, the nomenclature of the same oil changes to refined. As a result, the refined oils are clearer and odorless. Please note that oils on our portal does not go through any chemical process, which preserves their purity.

Why is the color of the oil different from the last bottle I bought?

Please note that many factors may be responsible for the same. Different soil and different climate may result in slight change of the color. Also, note that if you are buying from someone else, the product might have been chemically altered or refined, which explains the change in color. We however do not engage in any such practices.

Are the oils cold pressed?

All our products have information on the method of extraction. You may refer to the information on the individual page for the same.