Patchouli Essential Oil (Pogostemon Cablin)

Patchouli Essential Oil
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Botanical name: Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth
Family: Lamiaceae
Source: Leaves
Origin: India
Processing Method: Steam Distillation
Color/Consistency: A golden orange to dark reddish brown liquid

Aromatic Summary: The Patchouli organic essential oil holds an earthy and medium aroma having light fruity notes.

Amalgamation: Securing a base note, this essential oil can blend with Bergamot, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Cassia, Orange, Rose, Opoponax and Myrrh.

Product Description:

The Patchouli organic essential oil has earthy, sensual and exotic fragrance which adds a luxurious element when added to any aromatherapy blend. Patchouli essential oil is a perennial herb which is steam distilled to formulate an effective essential oil. At Kush Aroma Exports, you will get a classy range of essential oil which leaves deep moisturizing effects during skin and hair treatment. We are popular for manufacturing and supplying such essential oil which is used as a source to treat cracked heels.

We keep in mind all the quality and purity parameters in mind which make us a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of Patchouli organic essential oil. Our main objective is to process our essential oil with appropriate components so that it can give absolute treatment to the different body parts. People can consider this oil as a remedy to reduce eczema effects as it provides instant results.

Striking Benefits of Patchouli Organic Essential Oil:

  • Lowers depression
  • Treats inflammation
  • Reduces infections
  • Acts as Aphrodisiac
  • Has Astringent property
  • Quick healing attributes
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Removes bad odor
  • Helps in urination
  • Combats against fever
  • Reduces fungal growth
  • Repels insects
  • Sedates Hypersensitivity
  • Works as tonic

Precaution: The aroma of Patchouli essential oil is long-lasting. It sometimes seems unpleasant and too strong to some individuals. So, don’t use or inhale too much of its aroma as it may be irritating sometimes.

a-Bulnesene (d-guaiene) 8.7–20.7%

Patchouli alcohol 17.5–32.3%

Seychellene 0–9.6%

b-Patchoulene 4.8–9.3%

a-Guaiene 8.8–15.3%

a-Patchoulene 4.8–8.5%

g-Patchoulene 0–6.7%

1(10)-Aromadendrene 0–3.9%

adendrene 0–5.0%

Pogostone 0–3.8%

b-Caryophyllene 2.1–3.2%

b-Elemene 0–1.3%

Pogostol 0–2.4%

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