Genda Attar (Tagetes erecta)

Genda Attar
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Genda Attar

Botonical Name: Tagetes erecta

Country of Origin: India

Color:  A pale yellow color liquid

Extraction Method:   Steam Distillation

Genda attar is a complete natural oil and one of the best Indian attar. Genda Attar’s fresh aroma symbolizes friendship, loyalty & steadfastness in love, and it’s extracted by steam distillation process and best usage for aromatherapy sessions. Because of its natural aroma, it has enticing and pleasing impact on body and mind.

Common Usage of Genda Attar

Genda Attar is best for dispelling mental troubles such as stress, exhaustion, anxiety, depression

Genda Attar used for aromatherapy and perfume industry

It’s extremely beneficial for skin

Storage: It is recommended that oils packaged in metal containers (for safe shipping) be transferred into dark glass containers to maintain freshness and attain maximum shelf life.

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