Menthol Fine Flakes Peppermint Oils (Hexahydrothymol)

Menthol Fine Flakes Peppermint Oils
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Menthol Fine Flakes Peppermint Oils

Aromatic Summary: Offered Menthol Fine Flakes contain a large amount of menthol components which give it a pleasantly strong and minty aroma. 

Amalgamation: Due to its sharp fragrance and purity levels, it blends well with menthol and mint oil.

Product Description Of Menthol Fine Flakes Peppermint Oils:

Being a well-renowned essential oil company, we have marked a prominent niche as top-notch manufacturer and supplier of Menthol Fine Flakes. Our fine flakes are best used in different industries for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, confectionery and various flavoring products. We process these flakes with utmost care as these could remain in their natural form. Owing to the existence of menthol crystals, it reacts quickly on the congested chest and upper respiratory problems. 

We are the reliable supplier, exporter and wholesaler of Menthol Fine Flakes thus admired by not only Indian but also overseas clients. This has been achieved due to the untiring effort and dedication of our dexterous team. They put their 100% in processing the menthol flakes and assure that the entire range is quality-assured and worth-using. The team also makes sure that individuals are free to use it directly on their skin if they are having skin irritation or inflammation. Apart from this, our finely formulated assortment is best to add in mouthwash, pain relief ointments and many more.

Striking Benefits Of Menthol Fine Flakes Peppermint Oils:

  • Lowers sinus problem
  • Reduces chest congestion
  • Relaxes intestinal muscles
  • Inhibits spasms occurrence
  • Treats respiratory conditions
  • Best for Asthma
  • Soothes irritated tissues
  • Helps breathe easily
  • Reduces inflammation

Precaution: The menthol flakes should not be used near eyes or other sensitive areas. It is for external use only and it should be kept away from the reach of children. 

Botanical Name: Hexahydrothymol
Family: Labiatae 
Source: Leaves
Origin: India
Processing Method: Freezing
Color/Consistency: A colorless formulation dispersing fresh and minty odor.

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