Aniseed Pure & Natural Floral Waters (Illicium verum)

Aniseed Pure & Natural Floral Waters
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Aniseed Pure & Natural Floral Waters

Aromatic Summary: The aniseed pure floral water has a sweet aroma which brings a unique taste to the mouth. It has secured a middle note received from the distilled aniseed.

Amalgamation: The floral water has the efficacy to blends well with German Chamomile, Cedarwood, Rose, Peppermint, Lime, Roman Chamomile, Neroli, Cypress, Lavender, Nutmeg, Fennel, Tea Tree, Orange and Vanilla blends.

Product Description Of Aniseed Pure & Natural Floral Waters:

Extracted from the steam distillation, our amazing range of aniseed pure floral water secured a variety of benefits under its name. You can find many documented properties in our product like antiseptic, analgesic, aphrodisiac, cardiac, carminative, disinfectant, digestive and many others. Being a customer-oriented firm, Kush Aroma Exports is engaged in providing a high-quality range of aniseed pure floral water. We are valued as the reliable aniseed pure floral water manufacturer and supplier and make available our array for different food, beverage, cosmetics and other related industries. 

Our offered assortment is used as the best aromatherapy agent to promote sound sleep, intestinal ailments and breathing issues. People admire this floral water for its mood lifting properties. Further, for women, it works as a complete solution to aid menopause symptoms. After few applications, it also provides menstrual comfort. Women also love it for its lactation stimulating attributes. There is a long list of benefits of our carefully processed floral water, you can experience them after buying it from our end. As the renowned manufacturer and wholesaler of aniseed pure floral water, we assure you that you will come to us again to buy other organic products.

Striking Benefits Of Aniseed Pure & Natural Floral Waters:

  • Treats asthma
  • Inhibits growth of skin problems
  • Provides relaxing effects
  • Helps in proper digestion
  • Acts as the best stimulant
  • Detoxifies internal impurities
  • Keeps the skin lustrous
  • Offers hair regrowth
  • Repairs the damaged hair
  • Eases hormonal problems in women
  • Works as gas-releasing agent
  • Reduces constipation problem
  • Helpful for bloated belly

Precaution: There is no such contradiction of using the aniseed pure floral water. The only caution you need to exercise is with its dosage as heavy dosage may cause adverse effects to some people. 

Botanical name: Illicium Verum
Family: Umbelliferae
Source: Seeds
Origin: Australia
Processing Method: Hydro Distillation 
Color/Consistency: A clear & slightly hazy liquid having the characteristic of aniseed.

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