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CO2 Extracts Lemon Oil
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CO2 Extracts Lemon Oil

Aromatic Summary: The lemon CO2 extract oil has a top note with a strong citrus aroma. It also has a bright lemony scent which is attributed for its diverse benefits.

Amalgamation: The concentration is potent enough to be blended well with Rose, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Lavender, Elemi, Neroli and Juniper.

Product Description Of CO2 Extracts Lemon Oil:

Generally, Lemon oil is known as the best product to treat diverse internal and external ailments. We cautiously prepare this formulation by extracting the citrus lemon fruit using sCO2 extraction method. Being a credible manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Lemon oil, we make it more beneficial by bringing additional qualities in it. Our range is preserved with all the essential constituents and this is all because of our CO2 extraction process where all the constituents get separated and don’t dissolve with each other. 

Better blood circulation and improved immunity are the factors that make it the best to use by anyone. Using this oil will give you enhanced & glowing skin that no other conventional product will provide you at the same time. Kush Aroma Exports is a leading wholesaler and exporter of Lemon oil and claims that each slot delivered to you is enriched with required benefits and attributes. 

Striking Benefits Of CO2 Extracts Lemon Oil:

  • Beneficial for circulatory flow
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Prevents nosebleeds
  • Cures cold & cough
  • Relieves fever
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Acts as excellent digestive aid
  • Kills stomach pain
  • Provides glowing skin

Precautions: The lemon CO2 extract oil can be sometimes irritating so you need to use it cautiously. Remember that this product is not for pregnant and nursing women. Always make sure that you are using a highly-concentrated formulation of this oil otherwise the results may be adverse.

Botanical name: Citrus Limonum
Family: Rutaceae 
Source: Lemon Fruit
Origin: Italy
Processing Method: CO2 Extraction
Color/Consistency: A thin liquid containing a pale yellow to yellow consistency.

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