Patchouli CO2 Extracts Oils (Pogostemon cablin)

Patchouli CO2 Extracts Oils
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Patchouli CO2 Extracts Essential Oils

Aromatic Summary: The Patchouli essential oil when used offers an earthy, woody and rich herbaceous aroma. It has a strong note of musky scent which has been used  in aromatherapy for years. 

Amalgamation: Patchouli essential oil is the best to blend with Clary Sage, Frankincense, Bergamot, Myrrh, Ginger, Geranium, Lemongrass, Sandalwood and Lavender essential oils. One can also add Wild Orange and Cedarwood organic blends to reap its benefits.

Product Description:
This range of essential oil reminds of the ancient era where the patchouli essential oil was valued for its skincare properties. But now, the array has been widely demanded as a great source for fighting against anxiety and depression. This pure herbal species of plant has become a distinguished remedy to speed up healing and preventing the nasty scars. And, this is all because of our dedication and passion towards preserving the essence of nature and its sources. We are the acute patchouli essential oil manufacturer and supplier from India and believe in representing a 100% pure collection in the market.

The earthy and soothing fragrance of this essential oil makes it highly recommended for aromatherapy. No matter, you are using other oils to grab health benefits, patchouli essential oil has its own versatile uses and health advantages. Our array has the unique and mood-booster scent which makes us the best perfumery grade patchouli essential oil suppliers across the market.

Striking Benefits of Patchouli CO2 Extracts Oils:

  • Balances emotions
  • Banishes lethargy
  • Sharpens the wits
  • Creates amorous atmosphere
  • Inhibits bacterial & fungal infection
  • Treats insects bites
  • Acts as insects repellent
  • Reduces substance addiction
  • Best as diuretic agent

Precaution: The offered Patchouli essential oil is non-toxic, non-sensitizing and non-irritant. But sometimes, its strong smell might get little persistent to a few individuals. Further, overdoses may result in loss of appetite, thus consume it in limit or under physician’s observation.

Botanical name: Pogostemon cablin
Family: Lamiaceae
Source: Leaves
Origin: Southeast Asia
Processing Method: Co2 Extraction
Color/Consistency: A thick liquid having a deep golden brown consistency.

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