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Botanical name Amyris balsamifera L.

Botanical synonyms  West Indian sandalwood, balsam torchwood

Family Rutaceae

Source Wood

Origin  Haiti

Processing Method  Steam Distilled

Color/Consistency  A moderately viscous but clear, pale yellow liquid.

Aroma  A base-to-middle note with a medium aroma, its scent is mild, sweetly balsamic and somewhat reminiscent of Cedar and Muhuhu.

Blends With Amber, Jasmine, Rose, and other woods. It is often used to extend Sandalwood.

Product Abstract

Also known as West Indian Rosewood or Indies Sandalwood, Amyris essential oil originates from the West Indies. The light aroma may remind you of resin oils like benzoin. The properties allow aroma therapists to use it as a perfume fixative to extend the fragrant life of the blend. It also compromises of soothing qualities and is often used in skincare because of its beneficial properties. 

In 1886, Amyris' scientific name was changed because it was not a species of sandalwood. The wood used in fires was so saturated with oil that it burned very easily like candles or torches.

Harvesting/Extraction Information
The essential oil is derived from a tree that can take up to 30 years to produce oil. The tree grows to a height of 60 feet and bears white flowers that grow into black-bluish fruits. Amyris was used in its native habitat of the Caribbean region for its calming and sensual qualities. Surprisingly, this tree is in the citrus family.

Common Usage
Toxin Removal
Amyris essential oil has excellent toxin removing capabilities, which is why it used widely in the production of soaps and other products. It works actively against etheric and physical toxins that are responsible for congesting and distorting body. 

Another purpose to add amyris essential oil in cosmetic products is its anti-aging properties. It can help slow down the aging process and eliminate lines, wrinkles and other aging signs. 

Calms Senses
It is used in aromatherapy because its composition allows it to have a soothing effect on the nerves. One may use it to relive stress and irritation. 

Preventing Infections
Amyris essential oil possesses antiseptic properties. This makes it an effective remedy for infections and certain skin disorders. Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it highly effective in the treatment of various skin problems.

Cures Dry Skin
Amyris essential oil can help with the regeneration of the skin. It hydrates the skin and keeps it moisturized. It is also known to be an effective treatment for various skin disorders and wounds.

Major Components

Valerianol 15.1–21.5%

a-Eudesmol 4.4–16.2%

7-epi-a-Eudesmol 0–10.7%

10-epi-g-Eudesmol 5.3–9.7%

Elemol 6.6–9.1%

b-Sesquiphellandrene 1.5–8.6%

g-Eudesmol 6.6–8.0%

b-Eudesmol 3.2–7.9%

a-Zingiberene 0–5.2%

Amorpha-4,11-diene 0–3.5%

Drimenol 1.1–3.3%

ar-Curcumene 1.3–2.5%

Selina-3,7(11)-diene 1.3–2.5%

g-Curcumene 0–2.3%

Cadina-4,11-diene 0–1.5%

b-Dihydroagarofuran 0.2–1.3%

a-Agarofuran 0.3–1.2%

(E)-Nerolidol 0.4–1.1%

a-Acoradiene 0–1.0%

b-Pinene 0.2–1.2%

a-Muurolene 0–1.2%

Safety Summary
Hazards Phototoxicity.
Contraindications (dermal) If applied to the skin at over maximum use level, skin must not be exposed to sunlight or sunbed rays for 12 hours.
Maximum dermal use level  0.8% to avoid phototoxicity.

Organ-Specific Effects No information found for amyris oil or any of its constituents.

Systemic Effects
Acute toxicity Amyris oil acute oral LD50 in rats 5.58 g/kg 
Carcinogenic/anticarcinogenic potential No information found, but amyris oil contains no known carcinogens. g-Eudesmol and b-sesquiphellandrene display anticarcinogenic properties.

Comment   Amyris balsamifera is listed as an endangered species by the state of Florida, USA. The essential oil is primarily produced in Haiti, with some production in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Venezuela.

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