Agarwood Attar (Aquilaria Malaccensis)

Agarwood Attar
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Agarwood Attar 

Botanical name: Aquilaria Malaccensis
Family: Acceleraria 
Source: Agarwood resin
Origin: India
Description/Color/Consistency: Dark brown & Balsamic Odor

Aromatic Summary: You can experience a woody, sharp, balsamic and powerful scent in Agarwood essential oil. 

Amalgamation: It provides better results when blending with Geranium, Sandalwood and Carnation. 

Product Description:
Agarwood attar is carefully composed of the extracted agarwood resin oil. Steam distillation manufacturing process is followed to process the exotic range of agarwood attar. The attar is highly fragrant and relaxing to mind. It is remarkable and helps people curing mental illness and anxiety. Kusharomaexports is a well known manufacturer and supplier of 100% pure Agarwood Attar from India.

This attar finds numerous applications in aromatherapy treatment and medicine formulation. Though the attar is little costlier, but still, it is widely demanded owing to the amazing mind and body rejuvenating attributes. It always spreads a mind-blowing and unique fragrance which secures an amazing capability to lift the mood and refresh the mind.

Striking Benefits of Agarwood Attar:

  • Soothes nerves
  • Treats depressive mind
  • Lowers tension
  • Aids in mental disorder
  • Acts as room and home freshener
  • Stimulates low libido

Precaution: However, the essential oil is non-irritating & non-toxic, but still, it you should avoid using it near eyes. Also, keep it out of children reach. Prior any decision to use it, consult a medical professional.

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