Chameli Attar (Jasmine Grandilfflorum)

Chameli Attar
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Chameli Attar

Jasmine ( Chameli )is a genus of shrubs and vines in the olive family (Oleaceae), and it’s native to South Asia. The plant grows to 2–4 m tall. Jasmine (Chameli) is widely used as Ayurveda medicine and perfume industry. Chameli Attar prepared from Jasmine Grandiflorum flowers by the hydro-distillation process. The chameli attar is widely used in religious and spiritual practices and also getting relief from heavy head feeling. It’s perfectly blended with Sandalwood essential oil to make it an awesome attar for providing positive outcomes in treating depression, stress and insomnia.

Common Usage of Chameli Attar

  • Chameli Attar is widely used in Cosmetic or body care products
  • Best for religious and spiritual practices
  • Useful in treating anxiety, depression and sleep related troubles.

Storage: It is recommended that oils packaged in metal containers (for safe shipping) be transferred into dark glass containers to maintain freshness and attain maximum shelf life.

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