L-Menthol 50% TMC 65% (Mentha Arvensis)

L-Menthol 50% TMC 65%
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L-Menthol 50% TMC 65%   

Botonical Name: Mentha Arvensis

Family: Lamiaceae

Country of Origin: India

Color: Snow-White

Extraction Method:              Steam Distilled

Mentha Arvensis is a herbaceous perennial plant that is used as appetizer and to relive from in gastric troubles. In Ayurveda there are lots of usage described for this, such as to treat gall bladder problems, flatulence, digestive problems and coughs. Presence of many chemical compound like menthol make it good for food, drinks, creams and cigarettes etc.  Here it’s important to note down that menthol is widely used in dental care as a topical antibacterial agent. The oil extracted is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverages industry. It’s a snow white color crystal like compound which is solid at room temperature. It has many potential health benefits either apply topically or taken orally while diagnosis of few health related problems.

Usage of Menthol

Helps in treating gastrointestinal problems

Relive from pain

Reduce inflammation and congestion

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