Benzoin Floral Absolute Oil (Styrax benzoin)

Benzoin Floral Absolute Oil
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Benzoin Pure Floral Absolute Oil 

Amalgamation: It blends well with Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Rose Morocco, Cinnamon

Product Description Of Benzoin Pure Floral Absolute Oil 

Benzoin Absolute oil has been used for several years for medicines and perfumery. Its properties include antidepressant, disinfectant, relaxant, cordial, deodorant, carminative attributes. The oil also functions as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, anti-rheumatic, and sedative substance. Kush Aroma Exports, as a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of the best-quality natural products, brings you Benzoin Absolute oil which is very rich in different skin care and body healing properties. Our quality range of oils is derived from only natural components, thus our products are pure and herbal. 

Due to various therapeutic properties, the oil is quite effective in coughing, bronchitis, arthritis, chapped skin, stress/depression, laryngitis and other health problems. You can rejuvenate your skin and give a glow look as well as make your mind stress-free using our Benzoin absolute oil. If you want to buy this oil, you can order it on our website and we will deliver it to your home.

Striking benefits Of Benzoin Pure Floral Absolute Oil: 

  • Uplifts mood and stimulates senses
  • Helpful in relieving anxiety
  • Prevents infections
  • Protects from Sepsis
  • Improves digestion
  • Removes bad odor
  • Tones up skin and muscles
  • Useful in cough treatment
  • Can be used for relaxing massage
  • Removes stress
  • Enhances mood
  • Heals cracked skin

Precautions: It has low risk of sensitization, people having hypersensitive or damaged skin should consult a medical expert before using the oil.

Botanical name: Styrax tonkinesis
Source: Plant resin 
Origin: Thailand 
Processing Method: It is extracted from resin using alcohol and solvents, which are later removed. 
Color/Consistency: It is a pale yellow clear liquid which has a balsamic odor  
Aromatic Summary: Sweet, rich and vanilla-like scent

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