Cedarwood Himalayan Pure Floral Absolutes (Cedrus deodara)

Cedarwood Himalayan Pure Floral Absolutes
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Product Description of Cedarwood Himalayan Pure Floral Absolutes

Known for its aromatic qualities, Cedarwood Himalayan 100% pure and natural has a rich earthy aroma with slight sweeter notes. Kush Aroma export makes use of hydro distillation process to manufacture the oil and makes it easy to use. Cedarwood Himalayan manufactured at Kush Aroma is an excellent brain stimulator. It stimulates healing energy and also functions as an excellent antidepressant. 

You will not be surprised to know that Cedarwood Himalayan oil manufactured at Kush Aroma also acts as an aphrodisiac. Kush Aroma Exports is one of the leading exporters, manufacturers and suppliers of Cedarwood Himalayan pure floral absolute from India. 

Some other conditions that can be treated using this popular oil are acne, bronchitis, coughing, cystitis, dandruff, dermatitis, and stress. If you want to release the stress of your mind, then Cedarwood Himalayan 100% Pure and Natural from Kush Aroma is the right choice for you. The amazing benefits of this oil make it quite popular among our clients. 

Striking Benefits Of Cedarwood Himalayan Pure Floral Absolutes 

  • Acts as antiseptic
  • Reduces skin diseases
  • Treats putrescent conditions
  • Stimulates sexual desires
  • Soothes contracted skin
  • Promotes urination
  • Secretes sputum
  • Induces sound sleep
  • Reduces stress & anxiety
  • Controls circulation

Precaution: It is advisable to do a patch test before applying this product directly to the skin. It might result into skin irritation. So, a little consciousness is required before applying this product. 

Botanical name: Cedrus Deodara
Odour: Woody, balsamic, sweet, smoky, slightly camphoraceous
Processing method: Solvent Extraction
Aromatic summary: Woodsy, Earthy, and Slightly-Sweet
Amalgamation: Frankincense Essential Oil, Himalayan Rosemary Essential Oil, and Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil

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