Champaca White Floral Absolute Oil 100% PURE & NATURAL

Champaca White Floral Absolute Oil
Michelia champaca
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Champaca White Pure Floral Absolute Oil 

Amalgamation: Ylang-ylang, Michelia longifolia, nerol (m. p. of the diphenyl urethane 50 to 50,5°), cineol (m. p. of the iodol compound 112 to 114°), p-cresol methylether, benzaldehyde, aldehyde.

Product Description of Champaca White Pure Floral Absolute Oil

At Kush Aroma Export, we offer an undiluted absolute, i.e. Champaca White Absolute Oil that is broadly named as champaca flower and champak sapu. Its pleasant fragrance is widely accepted among our clients and this is what makes it the right choice for different aromatherapy treatments and in the formulation of different perfumes. 

We are one of the leading supplier, manufacturer and exporter of Champaca White Absolute Oil which acts as a valuable remedy for depression, anxiety, grief and stress-related disorders. Its sweet floral fragrance imparts calming effect to the nerves and soothes emotions, thereby restoring energy. It is also known to lower BP and regulate the heartbeat.

People with any kind of skin type can use this oil. It is particularly great for mature, dry and sensitive skin. Our range of Champaca White Absolute Oil also acts as an anti depressant and is said to sooth and relax the mind.

You can also use this oil for an effective massage therapy. It is a great choice to make gels for body wraps or massage oil blends. It is also a great choice for pre sports lotions and gels.

Striking Benefits Of Champaca White Pure Floral Absolute Oil

  • Relaxing and euphoric effect
  • Good antimicrobial properties
  • Soothing and relaxing for body
  • It supports healthy joints and muscles
  • Powerful aphrodisiac and reduces stress, aids breathing and has ability to induce joy.
  • It is excellent skin moisturizer and skin rejuvenator and when mixed with Jojoba oil it is applied on the neck.

Precaution: It is always recommended to test Champaca White Absolute Oil to check to senility, allergic reaction, etc. In general, Children, pregnant women or person under a doctor’s care should consult a physician before using essential oils. 

Botanical name: Michelia champaca
Origin: India
Source: Flowers
Extraction method: Solvent extraction 
Color & Odor: Dark olive yellow to brown colored liquid and has exotic scented aroma
Aroma: Gorgeous and deep fragrance.

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