Frankincense Hydrosol pure and natural floral waters (Boswellii Carterri)

Frankincense Hydrosol pure and natural floral waters
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Frankincense Hydrosol pure and natural floral waters

Aromatic Summary: The Frankincense Hydrosol has a middle note. It provides a fresh scent which sometimes releases woody undertones and reminds of both resins and essential oil. 

Amalgamation: Blood orange, douglas fir, lavendin and neroli hydrosols are the solutions that go well with offered Frankincense solution. This hydrosol also makes wonderful concentration when blending with resin, citrus, flower and woody tree oils. These may include Lavender, Pine, Sandalwood, Geranium, Neroli, Bergamot, Basil, Cinnamon, Orange, Jasmine, Camphor, Vetiver, Rose and Myrrh.

Product Description Of Frankincense Hydrosol pure and natural floral waters:

Over the years, we have produced and sampled a wide variety of pure floral waters. Frankincense Hydrosol is one of the best compositions from our quality assured list. Across the nation, we are known as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of Frankincense Hydrosol. We have gained such prominence due to the balancing properties of this hydrosol that make it a fantastic skincare remedy for all types of skin. This hydrosol is extremely fragrant and ensures soothing and relaxing experiences. Remarkably supports skin health, our offered pure floral water proves to be the best for boosting mental conditions by reducing anxiety & stress.

This powerful hydrosol makes skin tone better naturally. People can have it to improve their matured skin. It also has the quality to treat occasional blemishes. It’s a quite useful product which serves not only as a skin toner but also as a mouthwash, antiseptic, mood calming agent and many more. Its blending possibilities are endless which means you can use this formula as per your intended use. We process our floral water by keeping quality and purity factors in mind which make us a responsible manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of Frankincense Hydrosol Pure Floral Waters.

Striking Benefits Of Frankincense Hydrosol pure and natural floral waters:

  • Decreases anxiety
  • Tones skin
  • Acts as skin healer
  • Supports meditation
  • Soothes dry skin
  • Purifies oil skin texture
  • Enhances troubled complexions
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Removes facial fine lines & wrinkles
  • Best for skin imbalances
  • Treats cold and flu
  • Cures seasonal fever or discomfort

Precaution: Undoubtedly, our entire Frankincense Hydrodol product line is 100% pure and natural and contains no preservatives. But still, the products should be treated with care. You need to avoid exposure to sun or heat after applying it. 

Botanical Name: Boswellii Carterri
Family: Burseaceae
Source: Resin/Gum
Origin: USA
Processing Method: Steam Distillation
Color/Consistency: A viscous liquid with a light yellow color.

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