Sandalwood Pure & Natural Floral Water (Mysore) (Santalum Album)

Sandalwood Pure & Natural Floral Water (Mysore)
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Sandalwood pure floral water manufactured by Kush Aroma is a great choice for medicinal and therapeutic uses. It also has a great role in balancing oily skin and it also resolves various skin related issues. Owing to its sweet and woody fragrance, this pure floral water is used in facial spritzer, toner, body spray, creams and lotions, air freshener and deodorizer, etc. 

Being the trusted suppliers and manufacturers of Sandalwood pure floral water, we believe in delivering quality that is top-notch. It is also a great choice for dry skin and hair. Our exclusive range of Sandalwood pure floral water regulates oil production and improves the appearance of stressed and matured skin. Owing to its musky and woody scent, it holds a great place in the lives of men. 

It also has some great therapeutic properties like subduing aggression, relieving anxiety by acting as an aphrodisiac. Sandalwood pure floral water manufactured at Kush Aroma Exports also helps to resolve a variety of respiratory issues like bronchitis. 

Sandalwood floral water is also used as a great room or fabric freshner owing to its sweet, moody and exotic fragrance. 

Striking Benefits Of Sandalwood Pure & Natural Floral Water (Mysore)

  • Facial Mist and Toner 
  • Calming properties 
  • Strong anti-inflammatory effects
  • Best for anti-aging
  • Anti-infectious properties 
  • Relieves urinary tract infections
  • Useful in overcoming stress 
  • Treats ailments like Bronchitis, stretch marks, depression, scars and laryngitis
  • Treats problematic skin conditions

Precaution: Always do a patch test before using them generally. 

Botanical name: Santalum Album
Family: Santalaceae 
Source: Tree woods
Origin: India
Processing method: Hydro distillation
Color/Consistency: Medium to thick consistency and dark brown in color 
Aromatic summary: Rich, sweet, fragrant yet delicate, woody, floral.
Amalgamation: It mixes well with Ylang-Ylang, Vetivert, Lavender, Geranium, Myrrh, Bergamot, Rose and Black pepper.

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