Jasmine Sambac Pure & Natural Floral Waters (Jasminum sambac (L.))

Jasmine Sambac Pure & Natural Floral Waters
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Jasmine Sambac Pure & Natural Floral Waters

Botanical name: Jasminum sambac
Family: Oleaceae
Source: Flowers
Origin: India
Processing Method: Hydro Distillation
Color/Consistency: A fine liquid having a brownish yellow color.

Aromatic Summary: The jasmine sambac floral water attained a middle note due to its soothing fragrance. People recognize it through its sweet, fruity and floral aroma which is rich and leaves refreshing feel after usage.

Amalgamation: Our exclusive range blends well with a number of perfume components. It especially forms a good concentration when mixed well with Bergamot and other citrus essentials like Geranium, Clary Sage, Ylang-Ylang, Orange Blossom, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Rose. 

Product Description Of Jasmine Sambac Pure & Natural Floral Waters:

At Kush Aroma Exports, you can find a high-quality & amazing collection of jasmine sambac hydrosol. We are the true manufacturers and suppliers of jasmine sambac floral water and assure that no one will get wrongly treated by this. The product is a blend of intensely, sweet, deep and floral fragrance. It is noted as the soft blend which is hydro-distilled from the fresh jasmine flowers. People love the jasmine sambac hydrosol as it encourages the self-esteem and optimism in them. It is a kind of euphoric and here individuals consider it as both spiritual and sensual perfume of love. Its aroma is too strong which lets users experience the quite fresh and cool essence.

Being a credible manufacturer of jasmine sambac floral water, we believe in making the unsurpassed commitment to quality which means that you can be more confident while buying our exclusive range. People can buy our matchless collection from our online store where they can find detailed information about it.

Striking Benefits Of Jasmine Sambac Pure & Natural Floral Waters:

  • Dispels fear
  • Removes anxiety & depression
  • Provides coolness to the senses
  • Helps treat impotence
  • Removes rashes and skin irritation
  • Acts as carminative
  • Works as uterine tonic
  • Stimulates cells
  • Inhibits the growth of tumor

Precaution: Jasmine sambac hydrosol may cause skin allergies to particular skin texture, thus, it should be used in a proper diluted form. Keep it away from eyes. In severe cases, doctor’s advice is recommended.

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