Allspice Pure & Natural Essential Oils (Pimenta officinalis)

Allspice Pure &  Natural Essential Oils
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Allspice Pure &  Natural Essential Oils

Aromatic Summary: The allspice essential oil attracts users with its sweet, warm and spicy aroma like cinnamon and clove. Due to its pungent smell, it has secured a middle note.

Amalgamation: Our exclusive allspice essential oil blends perfectly with all the other spice oils like Geranium, Lavender, Ylang-ylang & Patchouli. It also formulates well with Bergamot and Sweet Orange oils.

Product Description Of Allspice Pure &  Natural Essential Oils:

We are recognized as one of the reckoned names among credible manufacturers and suppliers of allspice natural essential oil. Our team processes an effective range by focusing on maintaining quality at each step. We have earned an epitome of trust due to our essential oil which is treating numerous issues with its organic qualities.

Historically, allspice natural essential oil was used to treat digestive ailments. Later on, its analgesic properties made it beneficial to relieve pain. Today, this essential oil is used as the best flavoring agent in food and beverages. Most of the perfumery and cosmetic products manufacturers use it to add fragrance in creams, deodorants, soaps, etc. 

Our allspice essential oil is truly packed with a lot of health goodness and provides numerous internal and external benefits to the individuals. It rejuvenates skin and improves overall health by its rich copper, iron, potassium and Vitamin consistency. Because allspice oil is extracted from the naturally occurring berry, it can also be consumed internally, but only after a proper diagnose. People love to buy organic products from us as we make them completely aware of the product’s positive and negative side. This leads us towards success and makes us the reliable allspice natural essential oil manufacturer and supplier in the market.

Striking Benefits Of Allspice Pure &  Natural Essential Oils:

  • Promotes relaxation
  • Cures digestive disorders
  • Acts as Anaesthetic
  • Lowers pain sensation
  • Lessens burns, cuts and bruises
  • Reduces skin rashes
  • Helps treat arthritis
  • Inhibits bacteria to wounds
  • Provides soothing effects
  • Treats infections
  • Provides best skin-care
  • Combats free radicals
  • Prevents cells damage

Precaution: The allspice essential oil is meant for only topical applications. If you want to consume it, this is safe to have a consultation with an experienced aromatherapy practitioner. It should be used in a proper diluted form otherwise, people may face skin allergies. Due to the pungent smell and undiluted form, it should be kept away from children reach. 

Botanical name: Pimenta Officinalis
Family: Myrtaceae 
Source: Unriped Berry
Origin: Jamaica
Processing Method: Steam Distillation
Color/Consistency: A thin liquid provides a cocoa brown color after processing.

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