Cypress Essential Oil Australian Blue (Callitris intratropica)

Cypress Essential Oil Australian Blue
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Botanical name: Callitris intratropica
Family: Cupressaceae
Source: Wood
Origin: Australia
Processing Method: Steam Distilled
Color/Consistency: A heavy, viscous, brilliant blue liquid.

Aromatic Summary: The Cypress essential oil is recognized due to its balsamic, spicy and sweet aroma. This oil is 100% pure and secures a middle note having a medium aroma. It is also admired for its pleasant evergreen aroma which seems like a combination of woody, dry and smoky elements. Moreover, this qualitative oil also contains slightly fruity and nutty tone similar to the exotic Cedarwood.

Amalgamation: The oil can be easily blended with Clary Sage, Bergamot, Marjoram, Rosemary, Lavender, Pine, Frankincense, Juniper and Sandalwood essential oils. Conjointly, it is also compatible to be mixed with Citrus fruits like Lemon, Lime and Orange.

Product Description:

Kush Aroma Exports is considered as the reputed manufacturer and supplier of Cypress essential oil. Our certified oil is composed of the twigs, needles and stems of the evergreen cypress tree. Boosting energy and promoting vitality in humans, Cypress essential oil has been used for years for its aromatic and topical advantages. Due to its fresh and clean aroma, it boosts the mind and energizes one’s senses. This powerful essential oil is valued all around owing to its ability to combat respiratory ailments and infections. It is also known in medical terms as a good agent to remove toxins and relieves nervous system.

We manufacture and supply the Cypress essential oil which contains stimulating, antibacterial, antiseptic, antispasmodic and antirheumatic properties. When used topically, it provides an energizing body lift. Further, due to its stunning fragrance, the oil also contributes as the best renewing and revitalizing agent. 

Striking Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil Australian Blue:

  • Tightens muscles & looses skin
  • Heals cuts & wounds
  • Reduces Spasms 
  • Stimulates Urination
  • Maintains blood flow
  • Strengthens respiratory system
  • Promotes sweating
  • Removes bad odor
  • Relieves anxiety and stress
  • Prevents excessive bleeding

Precaution: No warnings against the Cypress essential oil have been recorded as it is 100% pure and provides numerous health benefits. Except expecting women, anyone can use this essential oil.

Dihydrocolumellarin  14.0%

b-Eudesmol  14.4%

g-Eudesmol 9.1%

Guaiol 13.7%

a-Eudesmol 7.6%

Guaiazulene 6.2%

Chamazulene 5.6%

Columellarin 2.9%

Callitrin 2.4%

Cadalene 2.3%

Callitrisin 1.4%

Elemol 1.3%

b-Selinene 2.2%

a-Selinene 1.5%

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