Vanilla Oleoresin 10 Fold Essential Oil (Vanilla Planifolia)

Vanilla Oleoresin 10 Fold Essential Oil
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Vanilla Oleoresin 10 Fold Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Vanilla planifolia

Main Constituents:
Vanillin: Minimum 1.4%

Plant Part: Fruit

Origin: India

Processing Method: Steam Distillation

Description / Color / Consistency: A dark brown viscous liquid.

Blends With: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin, Orange, Sandalwood, and Vetiver.

Aromatic Summary: The Vanilla oleoresin 10 fold has a top note and known for its rich sweet vanilla-like fragrance. 

Amalgamation: Our vanilla oil results quite good when it blends with other natural concentrations like Grapefruit, Bergamot, Orange, Lemon, Mandarin, Tangerine, Sandalwood and Vetiver.

Product Description Of Vanilla Oleoresin 10 Fold Essential Oil:

Kush Aroma Exports is ready with its exceptional Vanilla oleoresin 10 fold range of essential oil. Due to the delicate structure, we formulate the essential oil via solvent extraction method and make sure that all the constituents are preserved in the final solution. We are the reliable manufacturers and suppliers of Vanilla oleoresin 10 fold which is extensively used by people to reduce their joint pain and muscles cramps. Aside from being acknowledged as a mood enhancer, our essential oil is also enriched with calming and antioxidant properties.

To provide additional benefits, we bring high-quality and purity to the range. This is not all about our ranges, rather users demand it for the quick and positive relief from infections and allergies. If you want to have all the given benefits, choose us as a trusted Vanilla oleoresin 10 fold manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier and purchase a classic range to cure all your relevant problems. 


Anti-ageing: Rich in antioxidants, Vanilla prevents and reverse skin damage caused by free radicals. It helps to slow down signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

Inhibit bacteria: Vanilla is effective in stopping the spread of dangerous bacteria without risking health. One such bacteria is Staph, which Vanilla has the ability to inhibit its development.

  •  How to use for face care

Add one drop of essential oil to one dollop of your face cream or lotion and apply every two days. Do not be tempted to add more oil. Higher doses do not work better than regular applications.

  • How to use for body care

Use no more than 4 to 5 drops for every 5ml of body lotion or carrier oil. Apply the mixture all over skin and pat dry or allow full absorption.


Aphrodisiac: Vanilla can help with impotence, erectile dysfunction, frigidity or loss of libido. It is able to stimulate the secretion of testosterone and estrogen which brings out normal sexual behaviour and promotes sexual arousal.

Reduce fevers: As a febrifuge, it has components which fights infections that may cause fever. It also reduces inflammation from fevers.


– In a nebuliser
– In an oil burner
– In baths or inhalation


Vanilla blends well with essential oils of Orange, Lemon, Neroli, Chamomile, Lavender and Sandalwood.

Properties Specifications Results

Appearance : Dark brown viscous liquid

Odor : Characteristic vanillin beans

Solubility : WATER: Insoluble with cloudiness.

OIL: Partially soluble with sediments.

ALCOHOL: Completely soluble.

GLYCERINE: Completely Soluble.

Specific Gravity : 1.04 - 1.07 @ 25° C 1.0563

Vanillin content : > 1.4 % 1.47

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