Bakhoor Attar (Mimusops Elengi)

Bakhoor Attar
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Botanical name: Mimusops Elengi
Family: Sapotaceae 
Source: Flowers seeds, leaves and resins
Origin: India
Description/Color/Consistency: A Reddish color liquid with rich & pleasant fragrance.

Aromatic Summary: Smooth and relaxing aroma defines it as an impressive and strong aromatic attar.

Amalgamation: It can be blended well with rose, jasmine, Aloeswood and musk extracts to produce other types of fragrant products.

Product Description
Broadly known as an anti-allergic attar across the globe, bakhoor attar has a wide scope of balancing mind and body. It is prepared from the leaves, resins and seeds of different types of flowers. All these make it more fragrant and worth using as mind awakening agent.

Basically, its fragrance is known to be used by women. Made available in the market with good quality and 100% pure form. This attar is the best as a soothing agent and admired as a unique blend. Kusharomaexports is a manufacturer and supplier of Bakhoor Attar from India.

Striking Benefits of Bakhoor Attar :

  • Ideal for meditation
  • Uplifts soul and mind
  • Awakens senses
  • Skin-friendly
  • Freshens the environment 
  • Cures nervous disorder

Precaution: Not mentioned.

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