Bakul Attar 100% PURE & NATURAL

Bakul Attar
Mimusops Elengi
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Botanical name: Mimusops Elengi
Family: Not-known
Source: Bakula Flowers
Origin: India
Description/Color/Consistency: Creamy White & Floral Fragrance

Aromatic Summary: Bakul attar is widely demanded due to its soft and soothing fragrance. 

Amalgamation: You can make other types of fragrant products or attar by blending true sandalwood oil to the Bakul attar.

Product Description:

Kush Aroma Exports is a leading manufacturer and supplier of 100% pure Bakul attar. Traditionally, the Bakul attar is used for religious purposes. We process it carefully and give it an exotic scent and stunning fragrance. This is which makes it a major component used to complete sacred Hindu ceremonies for seeking the blessings of gods & goddesses. Our motive is to supply the range to the perfume industry where it works as the main ingredient for preparing different types of perfumes.

The attar can be obtained by extracting the highly-fragrant bakul flowers using steam distillation method. Our offered Bakul essential oil or attar has a non-toxic and tempting fragrance which is deep and denotes the symbol of love and devotion. People love it for its quality of leaving soothing and calming effects to the mind & body. The offered bakul attar range is 100% pure and undiluted which make it earthy, sweet and pleasant. 

Striking Benefits of Bakul Attar:

  • Minimizes mental stress
  • Reduces nervous troubles
  • Revitalizes senses
  • Eliminates fatigue
  • Cleanses the atmosphere
  • Best as aromatherapy
  • Acts as body massage oil

Precaution: The Bakul attar is 100% safe to use. But, one should not use it without consulting with a professional medical practitioner. Especially, for pregnant women, it is not safe to use without doctor’s prescription.

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