Broom / Genet Floral Absolute Oils (Spartium Junceum)

Broom / Genet Floral Absolute Oils
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Broom / Genet Pure Floral Absolute Oils

Aromatic Summary: The aroma is fresh tea rose floral, sweet honey floral with pleasing dark fruit floral note as in orange blossom intertwined with tobacco and hay nuances   

Amalgamation: It blends well with castoreum, vetiver, ionones, etc. in “tabac” notes

Product Description Of Broom / Genet Floral Absolute Oils

Our Broom/Genet absolute oil comes with many medicinal, cosmetic, antibacterial, and perfumery benefits. It has disinfecting properties and used for softening the body muscles. Kush Aroma Exports is an eminent supplier, manufacturer, and exporter of broom Broom/Genet and serving customers in different regions. The range of Genet oils we produce is sold across India and many foreign countries. Keeping the requirement of our customers in mind, we bring useful therapeutic and skin care properties in it. Our oil can be used for skin benefits, removing depression and hypertension. 

We make sure that only premium quality products are reached to our customers by maintaining rigorous quality measures. Our aim is to serve our customer with best-quality natural products. Hence, our broom Broom/Genet oil is 100 percent effective and useful. With its antiarrythmatic properties, it is useful in cardiac dysrithmia problems. This oil is a perfect choice for a gamut of customers who believe in natural treatment and therapy instead of using heavy medicines and products made of chemicals.

Striking benefits Of Broom / Genet Floral Absolute Oils: 

  • It is effective in narcotic, hypertensive, diuretic, cardiotonic, treatment 
  • It softens skin muscle
  • Used for aromatherapy
  • The oil eliminates toxic substance from body
  • Useful as color dye
  • Gives warmth to body 

Precautions: Internal use is not recommended. The oil should not be used by pregnant women and infants. People with chronic and serious health problems are advised to consult a medical experts before using the oil.   

Botanical name: Spartium Junceum
Family:  Fabaceae
Source: Flowers
Origin: Europe, North Africa & Southwest Asia
Processing Method: Solvent extraction
Color/Consistency: The color of the absolute is golden brown and it is of waxy consistency, becomes pourable with little warmth  

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