Parsley Floral Water (Petroselinum sativum)

Parsley Floral Water
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Parsley Floral Water   

Botonical Name: Petroselinum sativum

Country of Origin: India

Color: A colorless liquid

Extraction Method: Hydro distillation

Parsley is the herb that is rich in Vitamin K, and also useful in medical and aromatherapy purposes. We manufacture natural Parsley Floral Water comprises with all essential component benefits you in health related problems. One of the most popular use of parsley is to boost the taste of dishes, it also include Myricetin – a flavonoid, having highest concentrations per 100g. It’s worth noted that parsley is very effective in blocking cancer causing effects.

Blends With: Rose Floral Water, Saffron Peppermint Water



Parsley floral water is used to improve bone health

Protecting against diabetes

Used as flavouring agent in foods

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