Khus (Vetiver) Natural Floral Waters (Vetiveria zizanoides L)

Khus (Vetiver) Natural Floral Waters
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Khus (Vetiver) Natural Floral Waters 

Botonical Name: Vetiveria zizanoides L

Country of Origin: North India

Color: Dark brown

Aroma: Green with Rich, woody, earthy/mysterious aroma

Extraction Method: Hydro distillation

Blends With: Blends well with Sandalwood oil

Khus is a perennial bunchgrass having brownish-purple colour flowers, and it’s best used for treatment in lots of health problems. Khus is an excellent source of iron, manganese and B6 vitamins therefore best used for increasing blood circulation level. In addition Khus exhibit cooling properties that make it fit for relieving from redness in eyes. Khus Floral Waters is preferred in many aromatherapy usage.

Use of Khus

Balances skin PH 

Reduce oiliness from the skin

Preferably used in perfumes, cosmetics, toiletries, soaps & detergents.

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