Lime Pure & Natural Floral Waters 100% PURE & NATURAL

Lime Pure & Natural Floral Waters
Citrus aurantifolia
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Lime Pure & Natural Floral Waters 

Botonical Name: Citrus aurantifolia

Country of Origin: India

Color: Green

Extraction Method: Hydro distillation

Citrus aurantifolia commonly known as Lime is a type of citrus fruit having acidic juice vesicles. Every section of this fruit is useful, mostly juice, fruit, peel, and oil are used to make medicine. The natural ingredients in the lime juice enhances the appearance of ageing skin. If it’s consumed on daily basis it may reduce the risk of sugar and fat

Blends With: Lavandin, citronella, clary sage, lemon, rosemary, lavender, neroli, ylang- ylang


Lime oil is used for treating diarrhea (dysentery)

Used as fragrant component in cosmetics

Improves skin quality and promote weight loss

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