Cassie Flower Floral Absolute Oil (Acacia Farnesiana Wild)

Cassie Flower Floral Absolute Oil
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Cassie Flower Pure Floral Absolute Oil

Aromatic Summary: The Cassie flower absolute oil contains a strong note with a sweet scent which sometimes feels similar to Violet leaf aroma.

Amalgamation: Lavender oil tops the list when it comes to blending the cassie oil to make effective formulations. There are Bergamot, Mimosa, Costus, Agleia, Henna, Jasmin, Boronia and Ylang-ylang absolute that also make excellent formulation when mixing with the given floral absolute. 

Product Description Of Cassie Flower Pure Floral Absolute Oil:

Having earned a reputed niche as a reliable essential oils provider, Kush Aroma Exports is now making you aware of the amazing Cassie flower absolute oil from its wide range. We are the authentic manufacturer, supplier and exporter of cassie flower absolute oil which is accredited as the best remedy to treat a variety of body ailments. The oil can be used as a source to reduce joint pain, muscles fatigue, stress, hypertension, sexual troubles and many more. Further, it is also acknowledged as a highly-refined formulation in the cosmetic industry.

Whether it is aromatherapy, therapeutic or perfumery sector, the oil is giving its 100% and provides effective results for the particular purpose. Our range is extremely concentrated and guarantees not to be blended with foreign additives. Due to the quality and transparent delivery, we have become a credible cassie flower absolute oil manufacturer and supplier of the industry. You can choose as your trusted partner if you want to have natural and 100% range of essential oils.

Striking Benefits Of Cassie Flower Pure Floral Absolute Oil:

  • Cures sexual troubles
  • Provides soothing effect
  • Reduces stress
  • Lowers mental fatigue
  • Cures anxiety & hypertension
  • Eliminates digestive complaints
  • Detracts nausea
  • Treats cold & fever
  • Relieves rheumatism & arthritis
  • Uplifts mood

Precautions: The Cassie flower absolute oil is non-toxic and not known for any severe side-effects. It is recommended not to use this oil undiluted if you are not accustomed to less concentrated solutions. People who are trying absolute oil for the first time should make sure about each detail of the given oil. Rather, it would be better if they consult a medical practitioner before using it.

Botanical name: Acacia Farnesiana Wild
Family: Fabaceae 
Source: Flowers
Origin: Egypt
Processing Method: Solvent Extraction 
Color/Consistency: A thick viscous resin which is having a red to brown color consistency.

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