Ambrette Pure Floral Absolute Oils (Abelmoschus Maschatus Medik)

Ambrette Pure Floral Absolute Oils
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Ambrette Pure Floral Absolute Oils

We are the manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of Ambrette absolute oil which is widely used as a miraculous source in many aromatherapy centers. Offered oil works great in alleviating stress and anxiety. It is a good remedy to reduce fatigue thereby provide relaxation to the body. The oil is highly-effective and ensures better treatment for stomach ache, cramps, indigestion, acidity and inflammation. Many other types of stomach and internal disorders can be treated by using this natural drug. 

Apart from this, topical problems like boils, stretch marks, pox, blemishes, acne, fat cracks and surgery cracks can be removed by applying Ambrette oil on a regular basis. Due to skin-friendly properties, cosmetic industries demand this absolute oil to prepare skin moisturizing creams, talcum, ointments and a variety of products. Contains many beneficial natural properties, the absolute oils doesn’t provide any side-effects when used for different purposes. Purchase our powerful range of Ambrette absolute oil if you want to get an extreme level of health benefits in natural ways.

Striking Benefits of Ambrette Pure Floral Absolute Oils

  • Recovers poor circulation
  • Best to treat aches
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Lowers stiffness
  • Treats lower blood pressure
  • Contains stimulating powers
  • Acts as food flavoring agent
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Treats nervous complaints
  • Cures stomachic 
  • Acts as sedative

Precautions: The Ambrette absolute oil is non-toxic in nature but still, it sometimes results in side-effects. Thus, it should not be used or consumed by pregnant and lactating ladies. If there is a need to use it, consulting an experienced medical practitioner would be better.

Botanical name: Abelmoschus Maschatus Medik 
Family: Malvaceae 
Source: Seeds
Origin: India, Egypt, China 
Processing Method: Steam Distillation
Color/Consistency: A medium liquid which is having a pale yellow color and a unique brandy/wine like odor.

Aromatic Summary: The Ambrette absolute oil possesses a middle perfumery note which provides a woody, musky and rich floral tones and makes it a crucial ingredient to solve many purposes.

Amalgamation: Cypress, Clary Sage, Rose, Neroli and Sandalwood are the natural extractions that blend well with the offered Ambrette oil. 

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