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How to Use Essential Oils for Mold

Mold is a fungus that grows vigorously in indoor and outdoor areas. There are different types of natural and home-made remedies to eradicate mold. However essential oils for mold & mildew could be a better choice due to their excellent antifungal properties.

If we talk about the mold these grow in moist and warm conditions and are black and green. On the other side, mildews are patches of grey and white fungus. It’s worth it important to know that mold can produce harmful effects on human health. People may suffer from stuffy nose, wheezing, itchy eyes or skin problems. Sometimes, they can encounter allergies or asthma problems. Molds can be grown anywhere in attics, under carpets, doors, etc where there is the presence of excessive moisture or water. 

Toxic molds can cause “toxic mold disease”. If we broadly classify the location of fungus growth we find that these can grow in the seepage through foundation walls, dehumidifier, and air conditioners, air filters, potted plants, window condensation, etc. 

Natural essential oils are made up of the plant and its parts. Each and every essential oil is well recognized for its properties and characteristics. This makes them effective for different kinds of health concerns, as well as for mold and mildew. These natural essential oils have been used by the people of the ancient world.

Globally, natural oils are demanded by the people for different purposes including for skincare, haircare, digestive problems, respiratory issues, stress, anxiety, depression and aromatherapy. Besides the medicinal uses, these essential oils are good for perfumery, food and beverages, soap and candle making. There are hundreds of natural essential oils with distinct properties and usage.  In the upcoming section, we will see the best essential oils for mold allergies.

How Molds Can Impact Your Health 

Before moving ahead we should put a cursory glance over the impact of molds on your health. These may lead to severe health problems. If inhaled through the nose, these can produce harmful effects on sinuses, eyes, and lungs. Moreover, you may experience a runny nose, sinus congestion, respiratory problems including difficulty breathing. You may also suffer from skin irritation, sinus inflammation, headaches, and red as well as itchy eyes.

Best Essential Oils for Mold –  A-List of Panacea

As we have exchanged interesting pieces of information about the natural essential oils, further we will discuss a bit more about the best natural oils for mold which can prevent the growth of harmful fungi in your premises including indoor and outdoor areas.

  • Thyme Essential Oil 

Thyme essential oil is the rocking one, that is extremely beneficial against the mold & protects your home from further spread of such harmful fungi. Thyme oil for mold is best for purifying the skin and fighting against the growth of mold.

  • Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon essential oil is considered one of the most effective natural oils that can prevent mold growth. It has the efficacy to fight against the growth of molds in your house, office, kitchen, or another area. Its refreshing fragrance will always keep you home fresh and clean.

  • Clove Essential Oil

Clove has several medicinal properties and is helpful for the immune system & digestive problems. It’s considered one of the most ideal natural remedies for mold growth.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Among the list of the natural oils, tea tree essential oil is the powerful one for mold problems. It has robust antimicrobial and antifungal properties. And can fight off the fungal growth, as well as eradicate the musty odour of mold and mildew.

How to Use Essential Oils for Mold – Make Natural Remedy At Home

We know that essential oils are good for preventing the growth of the microorganism including bacteria and fungi. However, in the case of mold, a perfect blend or mixture is needed to ward off the mold. We should understand what could be the best ways to deal with mold, and how we should prepare our solution for the mold. Let’s try to understand the remedies for this.

  • Cinnamon Oil for Mold

Cinnamon has the power to deal with bacteria and fungi, therefore to use it effectively we should mix this oil with our cleaning solution. You should take care of the ratio if you are dealing with tough molds. The cinnamon will give a refreshing and soothing smell and will prevent the area from the further growth of fungi or molds.

Tea Tree Oil for Black Mold Removal

For black mold, you should use one teaspoon of tea tree essential oil and mix this with a cup of water. In addition, you should spray this mixture on impacted areas of mold. After spraying the mixture, just leave it for one hour, and after this use microfiber cloth or towel to wipe away. You can use  12 drops of carrier oil with 1 to 2 drops of tea tree oil. This will be helpful for eradicating mold effectively without producing the harmful effect on the eyes, or skin. If it’s not mixed with a carrier oil then it may cause redness and irritation. 

 Clove Oil for Mold

As we have seen that clove essential oil is more effective for mold and if we want to use the potential of clove oil for mold. Then we should make a perfect mixture- where you can use ¼ tablespoon of clove oil in 1 liter of water. This blend will be sufficient against the mold. 

Hopefully, you have understood a little bit about the mold, the best essential oils, and how to use essential oils for mold. Now, further, we will tell you where you buy the best oils for mold allergies.

Buy Natural Essential Oils For Mold Allergies

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