Essential Oils for Oily Skin
Essential Oils Benefits

Essential Oils for Oily Skin

We may have different types of skin, such as normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive. It’s important to note that different skin types need different ingredients. In this section, our prime objective is to explore the essential oils for oily skin.

Natural essential oils are made up of plant and its parts; therefore, these have attributes & properties of its source. Skincare properties of natural essential oils make them fit for beauty enhancement, nourishing skin, and for problems acne, eczema, scars, hyperpigmentation. There are a number of natural essential oils for skin/face, including – Lavender, Chamomile, Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Rosemary, Frankincense, Geranium, and Neroli. 

Although natural essential oils are being used in different industry verticals, they are widely used in the beauty and cosmetic product industries. Each and every product has its own unique properties that make them fit for treating skin problems. Such as a few can be good in controlling the appearance of wrinkles in mature skin, reducing the inflammation, aging, etc. Not only in the present day but also in ancient times, natural essential oils were popular among the people. They were being used for beauty enhancement and treating skin’s problems. In ancient texts of India, China, Arab, and Egypt, there is a wide description of different kinds of natural products. We are one of the foremost essential oil suppliers in India profound for our world-class natural products.

Oily Skin Type

Oily skin has a porous, humid, and bright appearance. There are several causes of oily skin, including – hormonal imbalance, climate like humid or hot environment, genetics, and large pores. In the later part of this article, we will tell you about the uses of essential oils for oily skin.

Essential Oils for Oily Skin

Now let’s know the various natural essential oils which are suitable for oily skin. 

Clary Sage

Clary sage essential oil is an excellent natural product that can drive better results in case you have oily or dry skin types. This natural product is known for its cooling property; therefore, it’s the perfect fit for soothing skin and inflammation. It can calm down the rashes and is helpful in balancing the oil production and sebum that can prevent acne breakouts. Clary sage is scientifically known as Salvia sclarea and native to Europe.

Clary sage essential oil is best known for its benefits for eye troubles, and it’s extracted by the process of steam distillation where flowers and leaves of clary sage are used. This natural essential oil has an outstanding chemical composition such as – Linalyl Acetate, Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Geraniol. All these compounds make this a perfectly natural product for controlling excessive sebum production. It can prevent the appearance of wrinkles in mature skin.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary oil is a wonderful natural product for oily skin, where it can drive excellent results due to its robust properties such as anti-inflammatory, astringent, stimulating, and analgesic. Its amazing key ingredients make it perfect against the excessive production of sebum. Meanwhile, Rosemary essential oil is the best fit for skin toning and preventing acne in oily skin. 

This natural product is considered effective for providing healthy and glowing skin. Regular massage can do wonders for oily skin. Rosemary’s internal compounds can reduce the skin’s oiliness. Rosemary essential oil is one of the wonderful natural products that can produce outstanding health benefits and is known for its extensive astringent and antiseptic properties. In the list of best essential oils for oily skin, Rosemary oil has its own spot. 

Rosemary essential oil can be extracted from the steam distillation process where leaves of Rosmarinus officinalis L are used. Besides its skin benefits, Rosemary essential oil is effective in improving brain function, stimulating hair growth, relieving pain, ease stress and anxiety issues. Rosemary essential oil is also known for reducing inflammation issues and can improve the blood circulation problem to a greater degree.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense oil is also known as the “Liquid Gold” for the face. This natural oil is well known for its outstanding skincare properties, where it works better to treat different kinds of skin problems. Frankincense essential oil is the best fit for the face and can be beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin. It can reduce the aging effect. Frankincense essential oil is well-recognized due to its anti-aging qualities, skin pores, tightening, and fine lines. It’s one of the best natural oils that is widely used in aromatherapy problems.

This natural product has the efficacy to beautify and rejuvenate the skin whenever it’s applied topically. It has great potential for promoting cellular health and can boost immunity. Buy online Frankincense essential oil. In addition, Frankincense essential oil is known due to its earthy and uplifting aroma. It can provide radiant skin and healthy skin. Frankincense natural essential oil is described in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Due to its skincare properties, it’s used in making cosmetic & beauty products.

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential oil is a wonderful natural product having lots of health benefits. It has been used for centuries for a number of health conditions such as anxiety, depression, infections, and pain management. Its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties make them fit for treating a number of skin conditions. 

In addition, this natural product is quite best for reducing acne breakouts, skin irritation, and infections. It can reduce the feeling of stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Geranium essential oil is mainly used in making different kinds of cosmetic and beauty products. Meanwhile, it’s best to improve the cognitive function, balancing the emotions and hormones. The geranium essential oil can do wonders as it can eliminate the dead cells, tighten the skin, regenerate the new skin, and can diminish the signs of aging.

Neroli Essential Oil

Among the list of best natural essential oils for skin, neroli has its own spot. This natural product can produce the outstanding effect where it can balance the sebum production.

Uses of Essential Oils for Oily Skin

  • Add two drops of Geranium essential oil to face cream and apply it twice a day.
  • To tighten the skin, it’s good to make a massage by adding 5 drops of Geranium oil & one tablespoon of the Jojoba Carrier Oil.
  • Mix neroli oil with a suitable carrier oil and apply topically. You can try it on pimples or irritated skin. Just leave for the whole night.
  • Uses of rosemary essential oil for skin can drive excellent results in terms of skin problems. You can add rosemary essential oil with a jojoba carrier oil to dilute it. Apply the same. This will help to prevent the skin’s irritation and premature evaporation of the skin’s oil.

Natural Essential Oils Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Today, we are one of the leading essential oil suppliers in India. Since our inception, we are continuously engaged in producing world-class essential oils, perfumes, attars, absolute oils, organic essential oils, carrier oils, fragrance oils, and many more natural products. Our skillful team works hard to deliver the best solutions for all your needs.

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