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Benefits of Cardamom Essential Oil and Its Uses

Today natural essential oils are widely used in different domains such as aromatherapy, medicine, food items, perfumery, beauty, and cosmetic products, etc. Here, in this section, we will shed light on the benefits of cardamom essential oil and its uses. 


In the present scenario, the market size of natural products is increasing swiftly and soon will touch the mark of USD 11.19 Billion by 2022. People have shown faith and trust in these natural extracts. These are widely used for fighting against depression, stress, anxiety, and for skin and hair health. Essential oil manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers in India are striving to provide an excellent range of natural products that have greater potential to meet customer expectations. Natural essential oils have their own greatness, as they are quite affordable, versatile, and convenient to use. Topical application and inhalation are the two effective ways of the cardamom essential oil uses, which produces good outcomes.

What is Cardamom Essential Oil

Cardamom is a spice with intense flavor, which is botanically known as the Elettaria cardamomum. This belongs to the Zingiberaceae family, where it’s native to southern India. It’s a kind of herbaceous, perennial plant. For a long time, seeds of Elettaria cardamomum have been used as a spice. 

Cardamom essential oils contain so many medicinal properties, such as having antioxidant, carminative, digestive diuretic, antiinflammatory, antibacterial, etc. The natural essential oil of Cardamom contains the sweet and spicy scent, which is also perfect for producing a calming effect on the respiratory and digestive system. 

Cardamom essential oil is extracted by the process of steam distillation, where the 100% pure and natural raw material is used for obtaining the oil. It’s interesting that Cardamom is also known as the “Queen of Spices” due to its attributes. The Cardamom essential oil possesses outstanding chemical compounds, including – linalyl acetate, methyl eugenol, nerol, geraniol, p-cymene, y-terpinene, etc. And these chemical compounds make it perfect for various health concerns.

Benefits of Cardamom Essential oils

We have discussed the cardamom essential oil and its therapeutic properties. Now here we’ll talk about the benefits of Cardamom essential oil for various health concerns such as blood pressure, digestive problems, cold cough, etc.

Lower Blood Pressure

Cardamom contains outstanding properties and has the potential to lower down the high blood pressure. It’s beneficial in eliminating the symptoms of hypertension and helpful for improving heart health. Research on cardamom essential oil revealed the fact that this natural product has a diuretic effect, which is further helpful for reducing blood pressure.

Effective for Digestive Problem

Cardamom essential oil is considered best for the digestive system as it can provide relief from the stomach issues, and has great efficacy to heal ulcers. It can stimulate gastric juice, therefore best for aiding the digestion.

Good for Chronic Diseases

Cardamom essential oil is also beneficial for chronic diseases, as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. The antioxidant property is helpful for protecting the cells from being damaged.

Effective As Mouth Freshener

Cardamom has a great capability to treat bad breath and is helpful for improving oral health by dealing with mouth bacteria. It is also known as the natural mouth freshener, and good for infections in the mouth.

Blood Thinner

Cardamom is also known as the blood thinner and can prevent devastating blood clots. In addition, it’s best for lowering the blood pressure, which further can improve blood circulation.

Good For Anxiety & Stress

Every day we pass through stressful activities, which further can cause mental fatigue. In order to get relief from the anxiety and stress, cardamom essential oil can be magical. This natural essential oil has a pleasing, refreshing, and soothing fragrance, which can escalate the mood to the next level. And can reduce anxiety and depression to a great extent. It’s very good for producing a calming effect and keeps you focussed and builds concentration.

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Best of Cold and cough

Besides all the above-mentioned benefits, Cardamom essential oils are considered a panacea for the cold and flu, and sore throat problems. It can reduce the inflammation occurring in the throat.

Cardamom Essential Oil Benefits for Skin

Cardamom essential oil is one of the finest natural products for skin, which is good for promoting skin elasticity and protects the skin from UV. Cardamom essential oil is good for acne, dark spots, and blemishes. It’s further best for skin aging, makes the skin glowing and radiant one. Cardamom essential oil is one of the leading natural products which is used in skincare products due to its antibacterial properties. There are many more cardamom essential oil benefits for skin, which make it an outstanding natural product for skin related problems.

Cardamom Essential Oil Benefits for Hair

Cardamom essential oil is the perfect one for strengthening hair and scalp infections. This can stimulate the immune system and is pretty much good for regulating energy metabolism. Besides this, cardamom oil is excellent for cardiovascular health, where it helps in reaching the nutrients to the scalp. Furthermore, it can be good for a healthy scalp. Cardamom essential oil benefits for hair are numerous. This is beneficial to stop the dandruff issue as well.

Cardamom Essential Oil Uses – How We Can Use It

Basically essential oils can be used in two ways – 1) Topical Apply 2) Inhalation.

In both cases, the molecule of cardamom essential oil reaches up to the brain and influences the necessary action. If we talk about the cardamom essential oil used by means of topical application, then the molecules of cardamom essential oil are absorbed through the skin and mix with the bloodstream. However, in the case of inhalation, an olfactory system comes into the picture. 

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