Exclusive: Essential Oils for Sleep & Relieve your Anxiety

We’re living in an age of busy lifestyle which is full of stress, and most of the factors are disturbing our body normal processing. We suffer from lots of disorders where sleep disorder is one of them.

Today 37% of people are facing insomnia, and almost 7.3% experiencing anxiety like mental-problem. But still we’re not paying attention to these concerns, Why? Either we don’t have a solution or unaware about these.  In 2018, approx. 26% of people were experiencing insomnia, and now the statistics reveal high increment. Now let’s discuss essential oils for sleep. In ancient times people were aware of these natural products where they were used to utilize according to their requirements.

In contemporary time-zone, the essential oil market is growing with a CAGR of 8.83% means the demand is increasing day-by-day. It’s expected to touch market size USD 11.19 billion by 2022. Increased cases of anxiety, depression, and insomnia are contributing to the enhanced demands of essential oils in the aromatherapy industry. In a list of essential oils for insomnia, we found a few important ones such as – Lavender, Valerian, Clary Sage, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Bergamot, etc.

How do essential oils help in sleep, anxiety, and depression?

Essential oils comprise with soothing aroma & outstanding chemical composition that help our bodies to get relaxed, pleasant, and keep out of stress. If we make essential oils as our bedtime routine, then by a specific kind of scent, our mind becomes train to fall asleep whenever used. These essential oils are liked by people because of its natural content and no-side effects related to daytime drowsiness, sleep medications, or more serious health concerns.

Smelling soothing aroma essential oils, such as jasmine may be effective to calm down the nerves as do by sleeping pills or sedatives. And the good part is no-side effect. The user would enjoy the feeling of refreshment, and alertness during the whole day. The essential oils for sleep have outstanding calming effects due to their complex structure and chemical properties. In general, the process of activation starts from the when essential oils molecules integrate with the biological signal of receptor and transmitter to limbic and hypothalamus parts of the brain. These signals activate the brain to release neuro messengers such as endorphins, serotonin, etc. that help in providing a calming effect on the body and mind.

Best Essential Oils for Insomnia – Sleep Disorder

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the fruitful essential oil which produces a calming effect on the nervous system by lowering the blood pressure, skin temperature, and heart rate.  As all these processes help in the body’s natural transition to sleep.  Lavender ranks top on the list of essential oils for sleep, anxiety, and depression. It’s good to reduce anxious thoughts produced by altering brain waves and finally brings you to the state of relaxation, peace, and stress-free. In aromatherapy, it’s taken as the finest choice to combat with sleep, depression, anxiety disorder.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

In recent times, researchers are busy on various topics such as anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, and other mental illnesses. Therefore they work on different sorts of natural components and try to find out their impact oversleep. As per a study on clary sage essential oil, it was found that the oil comprises of antidepressant effects and sleep-inducing properties.  And therefore, it’s widely used for treating sleep disorders and stress-related problems. Whenever it’s used, then oil promote relaxation and drowsiness and allows to fall asleep quickly. It’s genuinely, one of the best essential oils for insomnia.

Valerian Essential Oil

Valerian oil has outstanding chemical properties producing sedative effects, and it works better for sleep, relax, and reduce anxiety. It contains valerenic acid, isovaleric acid, and a variety of antioxidants, where these compounds inhibit GABA breakdown in the brain, resulting in calmness and tranquility. Valerian roots are taken as the best sleep aid and commonly used for bedtime herbal teas. Recent studies on essential oils for insomnia revealed the importance of valerian essential oil.

How to use essential oils for sleep?

Now it’s time to discuss how to use these natural products to avail maximum advantages.  You can use various ways such as diluting with an air diffuser, rubbing a few drops on hands and deep- inhaling, massaging over the various body parts including neck, chest, forehead, wrist, etc., mixing oil with baking soda and add to the hot bath. It’s good if you use essential oils topically on various parts of the body such as hands, legs, neck, etc. As these oils comprise with transdermal properties having the capacity to permeate the skin and can influence the necessary activity for relief. After applying topically, it can be smell via. Olfactory nerve and mix rapidly with the main bloodstream. In case you suffer from some sort of allergies or complications then you are advised to diffuse the oils with a carrier oil such as olive, grapeseed or coconut essential oil. You should use more dilution than adults if you’re applying to children.

Before applying these essential oils, It would be better to take the advice of a physician, doctor, or medical practitioner. Sometimes, it may involve some sort of risk.

Where can you get the best organic essential oils?

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The company is profound for its quality, pricing, and services. Kush Aroma certified organic essential oils are obtained through the fresh botanicals grown in the pesticide-free soil. Also, there is no chance of synthetic fertilizers and herbicide residues.

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