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Essential Oils for Babies 

We can observe a rise in the use of essential oils and carrier oils for skin and for a variety of problems, whether they relate to the skin, hair, or other aspects of health. Essential oils are emerging as a fantastic, risk-free natural remedy with a remedy for every problem. 

Why not share this natural magic elixir with our newest family members given that essential oils are known to be full of nutrients and positive qualities that are good for the body and mind? Yes, we are referring to the young babies in our family. Even for infants, essential oils are relatively safe, but it is best to exercise caution. Let’s talk about a few baby essential oils and their advantages. 

Essential Oils For Infants Cough 

having premium essential oils on hand for your children. It can be a great way to handle small problems at home. Always consult your doctor before using essential oils, and use them according to the recommended methods and dosage. The top 10 safe essential oils for infants are listed below. 

1. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Natural expectorant eucalyptus essential oil aids in clearing up respiratory congestion. It is one of the most popular essential oils for babies or infants during the chilly winter months in part because of this. 

Eucalyptus essential oil, however, should only be used after receiving a prescription or dosage guidance from your baby’s doctor because it is a strong essential oil. 

2. Lavender Essential Oil

Your baby may fall asleep thanks to the calming aroma of lavender essential oil. The discomfort and symptoms of colic may be reduced with the aid of the essential oil for babies. This essential oil can be massaged and diffused on newborns. 

However, because your baby might unintentionally ingest the essential oil, we do not recommend putting it on their pillow. For pain relief, colic symptoms relief, and to promote sleep in newborns older than three months, lavender essential oil can be used. 

3. Peppermint Essential Oil

A common essential oil used in a baby’s nursery is peppermint, which is well known for promoting sleep. 

Before bedtime, add one or two drops to a diffuser or create a linen spray for your baby’s crib. One of the best essential oils you can use to put your baby to sleep safely and effectively is peppermint essential oil. 

4. Tea Tree Essential Oil

If you’re looking for essential oils to treat diaper rash, look no further. Diaper rash and fungus infections may be treated with the help of the essential oil for babies. Babies older than six months old can safely use this essential oil. 

This essential oil should be avoided on infants under six months old and patch tested on older infants because it can be abrasive on the skin. Additionally, you can use tea tree essential oil in the diffuser to help your children recover from respiratory issues like coughs and colds. 

5. Clove Essential Oil

A baby experiences difficulty while teething. Babies who are teething may find the process challenging because they drool, cry frequently, and turn everything into a chew toy. 

The germicidal properties of clove essential oil help to treat sore gums. Because of the numbing properties of this essential oil, dilution in the baby’s gums can help reduce pain and discomfort. 

6. Oregano Essential Oil

The main purpose of oregano essential oil is to treat various forms of inflammation that infants frequently experience, both internally and externally. But don’t forget to dilute with vegetable glycerin or raw honey. 

When applied topically, it reduces swelling and redness in the affected area. If your baby has had allergies from birth, mix oregano essential oil with a good baby carrier oil and then dilute it in water. 

7. Frankincense Essential Oil

By boosting the immune system and supporting the digestive system, frankincense essential oil is thought to help postpartum physiological changes in newborns. 

Frankincense essential oil is one of those “must-have” essential oils for the birth kit due to its many benefits. This essential oil also promotes cellular health and helps to build and maintain a healthy immune system, both of which are very important for babies. 

8. Infant Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin essential oil is a great alternative to lavender for newborns who are sensitive to or disturbed by the scent because it has similar calming effects.   

Additionally, mandarin essential oil calms skin rashes and boosts the body’s defenses against illnesses and infections. Additionally, this essential oil greatly aids in promoting calmness of mind and fighting muscle aches. 

9. Myrrh Essential Oil

essential oil of myrrh Warm, woodsy, and spicy with camphorous undertones, it improves sleep quality, clears blocked breathing, calms coughs and colds, and releases tension. 

If you’re looking for essential oils for babies with colds, you’re in luck. Myrrh essential oil can also be used to moisturize your children’s dry skin, reduce stress, and treat flatulence. 

10. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

High-end hair and skin care products frequently list ylang ylang essential oil on their ingredient lists because it is a particularly special essential oil. 

For a spa-like experience, try adding ylang ylang essential oil to your body wash or baby lotion! Additionally, it’s in the well-liked Gentle Baby blend, which pediatricians advise. 


These are the essential oils for babies that you can rely on to solve many of your child’s health problems. You can see the results in a few days if you use these essential oils for your baby or infants in the proper ways. Additionally, it is recommended to use essential oils only after first speaking with your doctor. You must now be persuaded that adding essential oils to your home is a great idea, especially if you have young children in your family. 

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