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Best Attars in India

Attar or ittar is extracted from natural sources such as herbs, spices, barks, or flowers. Where these natural extracts possess the essence of its source and have excellent chemical composition. Here we will discuss the best attars in India that are most sought after across various parts of the world.

Since ancient times attars have been used by the people. There are hundreds of varieties of attars, including sandalwood, amber, bakhoor, bakul, chameli, jasmine, oudh, roses, champa, and many more attars. We have heard about the mitti attar, which smells or evoke the scent of the earth. We’re discussing the fragrances/aroma because this can be helpful to stimulate the brain limbic system & good for providing the amazing effect on the mind. 

Attar are worn by people on different occasions such as marriage, birthdays, corporate parties, during the meditation session, or others. Its fragrance can mesmerize your body, soul, and mind can help you refresh, revitalize, and energize throughout the celebration. It’s worth noting that alcohol-free perfumes or attars are used for good purposes.

In ancient times it was used for attracting the good spirit and warding off the evil ones. It’s believed that attars can enhance the confidence & focus level. These are mostly used in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. However, ancient history revealed the fact about their usage in Egypt, Greek, and other old civilizations. You can search for the best attar in Dubai. 

How attar is Extracted / Obtained – Best Practice to Get Alcohol Free Perfumes

Generally, attars are extracted from the steam / hydro distillation process, where the pure and highest quality of raw material is procured from its natural sources. Furthermore, it’s one of the most popular ways of extracting the essential oils/attars / or other natural products. In the entire course of the steam distillation process, the natural products pass through the different temperature and pressure state. And at the end of the process, the floating extract is obtained as it’s lighter than water.

Best Attars in India – A Glimpse

Let’s go through the best attars in India, which are liked by the people across various parts of the world. Their refreshing, energizing, and mesmerizing aroma produces a positive effect on your thought. It’s also worth noting that these are highly concentrated liquids, which are mostly used in very small quantities. 

Earth Soil Attar

Earth soil attar or popularly known as the Mitti Attar possesses the refreshing fragrance of Mitti (Soil). Its soothing fragrance can make you calm and invokes the spirit of regeneration. The dark, brownish-yellow color liquid has a softly sweet and relaxing smell. It has the essence of baked earth. 

Mostly it’s used in the perfumery industry as a blending option and possesses skincare properties. Besides this, it has amazing usage in aromatherapy to treat many health issues. Mitti attars fragrance, make it an excellent air freshener agent and blended with essential oils. Earth soil attar is a wonderful natural product.

Hina Oudhi Attar 

Hina Oudhi Attar is extracted by the hydrodistillation process, where the mixture of hina leaves and wood chips of agarwood are utilized for the same. It produces the soothing and calming effect due to its excellent refreshing aroma. Hina Oudhi Attar has a charming, sensual, and warm and distinctive fragrance.  

Lawsonia inermis is a flowering plant that has been used to dye skin, hair, and fingernail, since ancient times. And it’s also good for meditation practice, and used for various ceremonies. Among the list of the best attars in India, Hina Oudhi Attar has its own spot comprised of Hina and sandalwood blend. It is listed as one of the best attars in Dubai.

Nag Champa Attar

Nag Champa attar is extracted from the beautiful flowers of Champa belonging to family Apocynaceae. It has an amazing calming, balancing and relaxing effect, and a mesmerizing fragrance. Nag Champa attar has light yellow to somewhat dark color, along with the exotic and persistent aroma. It can help to treat anxiety and stress, and somehow good for gonorrhea, vertigo, and headache. Among the list of traditional natural Indian attars, Nag Champa attar is the leading one due to its properties. Buyers can opt for best attars online by using our website.

Amber Attar

Amber attar simply not only used for fragrance but also has potent medicinal benefits where it can be good for treating the skin and hair problems. Moreover, it’s used for manufacturing aromatic products and deodorants. It has a pleasing, soothing, and sweet aroma. And excellently works for perfumery and cosmetic products. It’s extracted from the fossilized sap of prehistoric conifer Pinus Succinefera. Besides its perfumery usage, it’s used for dealing with health issues such as for asthma, and rheumatism. Because of its fragrance and health combating properties, Amber attar is one of the best attars in India. If you’re looking for the pure and natural attars, then Buy attars online at kushAroma Website.

Rose Attar

They are scientifically known as Rose Damascena. The rose attar has its own significance and has a classic fragrance. The rich, refreshing, and strong aroma makes it perfect for aromatherapy. It’s extracted from the process of hydrodistillation. It possessed the essence of rose, which reflects the purity within it. It can be blended with few other types of essential oils to provide the positive, soothing, and calming effect. Rose is one of the best attars in Dubai, Middle East, and India Region. They are used for various purposes, including meditation and spiritual aspects.

Bakhoor Attar

Mainly it’s a kind of women attar, however, worn the men. Bakhoor attar has an amazing and unique blend of floral and musk. Its beautiful fragrance can fill space/ambiance with positiveness and zeal. 100% pure and natural attar can be bought online.

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