5 Best Essential Oils And Their Uses

We always learn about natural products such as essential oils, attars, absolute oils and many more, but generally remain confused about their property, uses, and benefits. Today we’ll explore more about the 5 best essential oils and their uses. Chiefly, in the world of health-boosting botanical products, we opt essential oils for different purposes such as for aromatherapy, cosmetics, and for the treatment of certain diseases and disorders. An exponentially growing market of natural products & consumer inclination towards essential oils draws our attention with a higher level of curiosity.

Whenever we go into the in-depth analysis and research of the essential oils, we find that these products are pretty helpful in hair problems, skin diseases, bone, heart and lung issues, along with depression, insomnia, stress, and other mental disorders.

Today in the prevailing market, there are more than hundreds of essential oils and every essential oil has its own merit over various health concerns.

Why we should use essential oils

As we know that essential oils are derived from botanical sources such as roots, stem, flowers, leaves, and other parts of plants. These natural products contain chemical compositions and the therapeutic properties which might be useful in the treatment of certain types of problems. In the context of therapeutic properties, the best essential oils in the market possess the following: antimicrobial, astringent, cardiac, cordial, antiviral, antiscorbutic, antibacterial,anti-rheumatic, anticoagulant, anti odontalgic, sedative, deodorant, diuretic, expectorant, etc. Presence of certain aromatic compounds and terpenes and oxygenated terpenes decide the natural properties of essential oils. Meanwhile the compounds like α-terpinene, 1,8-cineole, γ-terpinene, p-cymene, eugenyl acetate, carvacrol,α-terpineol, and α-pinene play a vital role.

Top Essential Oils for Buyers

In a list of best essential oils – Amyris, Bergamot, Bitter Orange, Black Pepper, and Rose Geranium rank high. They possess outstanding therapeutic properties and chemical composition, which makes them good for the treatment of various diseases.

Bergamot Essential Oil and its Uses

Bergamot essential oil is one of the finest essential oil which is obtained from the rinds of citrus fruit scientifically known as Citrus bergamia. It’s native of Southeast Asia. This essential oil plays a significant role in treating many health issues. Let’s explore bergamot essential oil and its uses

  • It’s considered as the best essential oil for skin and acne where this possesses the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Whenever you mix a few drops with your shampoo, soon you’ll realize the effect of bergamot essential oil. This is very much useful for hair problems, including the irritating scalp, dandruff, and hair fall.
  • A study on bergamot essential revealed the fact that when we use this natural product, we find a positive effect on stress and anxiety reduction.
  • Presence of linalool makes it good for treating food poisoning issues where it kills the bacteria responsible for illness after intake of food.
  • It’s much more helpful in lower down the cholesterol level and can reduce the lipid level.
  • Bergamot essential oil contains linalool and carvacrol effectively reduces pain and inflammation.

Amyris Essential Oil and its Uses

Amyris essential oil contains many marvellous health properties such as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, balsamic cicatrisant, emollient, expectorant, muscle relaxant and sedative. Works as the fixative in soaps and perfumes. It is used for coughs, chest congestion, restlessness and tension eradication. This has a refreshing aroma that keeps your stress and anxiety away from you. Amyris essential oil assists in skin regeneration and other skin related problems, where this possesses the anti-ageing property. Valerianol- one of the prime chemical constituents of Amyris, which makes it perfect for stress relief, insomnia, and tension. Amyris Essential Oil and its Uses are not limited to this extent and have other benefits; that’s why it’s considered as one of the best essential oil in the market.

Bitter Orange Essential Oil and its Uses

Bitter orange provides you with better treatment in the context of constipation, poor digestion and clearing congestion of the liver. If we talk about the bitter orange essential oil and its uses, we find that it’s very much useful in mood uplift, and energize the body. Because of its calming effect, it’s widely used in meditation, easing stress and anxiety. It can eliminate the tantrums and frustration in both adults and children. In case of acne and skin related problems, “ bitter orange is a boon”.

Black Pepper Essential Oil and its Uses

All of us are well aware of the black pepper, which falls under the category of spices. Where black pepper essential oil is extracted through the steam distillation process and has a spicy, musky, warm aroma, this essential oils impact brilliantly on the digestive and nervous system, therefore good for the treatment of many disorders and health concerns. Black pepper essential oil and its uses are numerous, but in a general count, it offers great benefits in terms of energy balance and blood circulation. And also good for muscle aches and pains.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil and its Uses

Rose geranium essential oil contains antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and anti-bacterial property; therefore, it’s considered as the best essential oil for hair, skin. Rose geranium works as an active ingredient in cosmetic products and used in lotions and fragrances. It’s also used for reducing acne breakouts, skin irritation and infections. We can prepare a comprehensive list of rose geranium essential oil and its uses if we go in-depth analysis of the product.

How Essential Oils Work

Essential oils are mainly used by two modes:- topically and inhalation. Where topically is generally used for cosmetic purposes or to treat the pain. And during this oil’s molecules are absorbed through the top layer of skin (epidermis), and move into the bloodstream. And most of the essential oils are used for stress relief, depression, and other psychological disorders. When we inhale the essential oils, their molecules stimulate the limbic system of the brain, causing relaxation, and a good amount of soothing effect. Generally, the limbic system is involved in triggering of memory and controlling of several physiological functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, breathing etc. In a study, it was found that inhalation produces a quicker effect on the body, and amazing to help myriad issues such as nausea, anxiety, insomnia, allergies and pain.

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