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How to prevent dry skin in winters?
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How to prevent dry skin in winters?

As winter approaches, many individuals find themselves grappling with the challenges of dry and dehydrated skin. The harsh cold weather and low humidity levels can strip the skin of its natural moisture, leaving it parched and flaky. One effective and natural solution to combat this issue is incorporating essential oils into your skincare routine. In this blog, we will explore 10 essential oils for dry skin in winters, along with detailed descriptions and tips on how to use them. Additionally, we will discuss other products and essential tips for a comprehensive winter skincare routine.

Essential Oils for Dry Skin:

Lavender Oil:

   – Description: Known for its soothing properties, lavender oil helps calm irritated and dry skin. It also promotes relaxation and reduces redness.

   – How to Use: Mix a few drops with a carrier oil like jojoba or almond oil and apply before bedtime for overnight hydration.

Rosehip Oil:

   – Description: Packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids, rosehip oil is excellent for repairing and rejuvenating dry skin, reducing fine lines and improving elasticity.

   – How to Use: Apply a few drops directly to cleansed skin or mix with your favorite moisturizer.

Frankincense Oil:

   – Description: Frankincense oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can alleviate dryness and promote cell regeneration, resulting in a more youthful complexion.

   – How to Use: Dilute with a carrier oil and massage onto the face and neck to combat dryness. 

Chamomile Oil:

   – Description: Chamomile oil is renowned for its calming and anti-inflammatory effects, making it ideal for soothing dry and irritated winter skin.

   – How to Use: Add a few drops to your bath or mix with a carrier oil for a relaxing massage.

Myrrh Oil:

   – Description: Myrrh oil possesses potent moisturizing properties, making it an excellent choice for combating dry skin and promoting overall skin health.

   – How to Use: Mix with a carrier oil and apply to dry patches or use as a part of your nighttime skincare routine.

Geranium Oil:

   – Description: Geranium oil helps balance the skin’s natural oils, making it suitable for both dry and oily skin. It also promotes blood circulation, aiding in skin regeneration.

   – How to Use: Mix with a carrier oil and apply as a daily moisturizer or add a few drops to your favorite lotion.

Ylang Ylang Oil:

   – Description: Ylang ylang oil is known for its hydrating properties and pleasant floral scent. It helps maintain skin moisture and balance.

   – How to Use: Add a few drops to your facial moisturizer or mix with a carrier oil for an aromatic body massage.

Sandalwood Oil:

   – Description: Sandalwood oil is deeply moisturizing and helps soothe dry, irritated skin. It also has a grounding and calming fragrance.

   – How to Use: Dilute with a carrier oil and apply to dry areas or use in a DIY face mask.

Jojoba Oil:

   – Description: While technically a liquid wax, jojoba oil closely resembles the skin’s natural sebum, making it an excellent moisturizer for dry skin.

   – How to Use: Apply a few drops directly to the face or mix with essential oils for added benefits.

Cedarwood Oil:

    – Description: Cedarwood oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, making it beneficial for dry, flaky skin during winter.

    – How to Use: Mix with a carrier oil and apply to the skin or add a few drops to your body lotion.  

Other Products and Tips:

– Hydrating Masks: Incorporate hydrating masks into your weekly skincare routine to provide an extra boost of moisture. Look for masks containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and aloe vera.

– Humidifier: Use a humidifier in your living space to add moisture to the air, preventing excessive drying of the skin. 

– Gentle Cleansers: Opt for mild, hydrating cleansers that don’t strip the skin of its natural oils.

– Exfoliation: Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells and allow for better absorption of moisturizing products. Choose a gentle exfoliant to avoid irritation.

Full Body Skincare Routine:

  1. Cleansing:

   – Use a gentle, hydrating body wash to cleanse the skin without stripping away natural oils.

  1. Exfoliation:

   – 1-2 times a week, exfoliate your body using a mild scrub to remove dead skin cells.

  1. Bathing:

   – Add a few drops of hydrating essential oils like lavender or chamomile to your bath for a relaxing and moisturizing experience.

  1. Moisturizing:

   – After showering, apply a rich body lotion or butter containing ingredients like shea butter or cocoa butter. 

  1. Essential Oil Massage:

   – Once or twice a week, indulge in a full-body massage using a blend of your favorite essential oils and a carrier oil. 

  1. Protective Clothing:

   – Wear protective clothing to shield your skin from the harsh winter winds. 


By incorporating essential oils into your winter skincare routine and following a comprehensive regimen, you can effectively combat dry skin and enjoy a radiant and hydrated complexion throughout the colder months. Remember to tailor your routine to your skin’s specific needs and adjust as necessary to achieve the best results.

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Top Carrier Oils to Blend Essential Oils

Which carrier oils blend best with essential oils? When using essential oils and other natural products, it’s crucial to dilute them first. There are a number of top carrier oils on the market that are excellent for blending with essential oils and work wonders on all skin types. 

Since they are made entirely from plants, carrier oils have been around for centuries. The oils effectively moisturize the skin and help to dilute essential oils. The oils are used to better nourish the skin and have a mild scent. For better results, carrier oils can be used alone or in combination with essential oils. 

Best Carrier Oils to Mix with Essential Oils 

The benefits of carrier oils for the skin are enormous. They are widely utilized for their nourishing and healing qualities. The oils revitalize fresh skin cells and restore their natural radiance. The top carrier oils for skincare and their incredible nourishing qualities for different skin types are listed below. You can learn more about the best carrier oils to combine with essential oils from the information provided below.  


A well-known carrier oil for essential oils is jojoba oil. The oil is rich in vitamins and greatly aids in the repair of dry, damaged skin. The oil has no negative side effects and soothes skin irritations. Jojoba oil is suitable for all skin types thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. The oil has a light scent and never causes skin pores to clog. The oil is used to hydrate the skin and give you beautiful skin.  


Antioxidants found in rosehip oil are abundant and aid in improving skin conditions. High levels of fatty acids in the oil nourish the skin from the inside out. It is a wise decision to use the oil as a carrier oil in skincare products. The oil works as a natural remedy to lessen aging symptoms. The oil is applied topically during aromatherapies without clogging pores or harming the skin’s surface. 


The benefits of avocado oil are well known to everyone. One of the widely used carrier oils that is rich in nutrients and goodness is avocado oil. This oil contains beta carotene, a number of vitamins, and monounsaturated fatty acids. It is even regarded as a fantastic moisturizer that, when used frequently, aids in pore reduction and purification.  


The use of olive oil as an essential carrier oil in aromatherapy is very common. It is well known for being a healthy edible oil with a pleasant aroma. It contains plant sterols and fatty acids that are excellent for moisturizing and cleaning the skin. Other skin care products and facial cleansers both contain the oil. Olive oil is naturally antibacterial, so when combined with essential oils, it frequently serves as the best carrier oil.  


The health advantages of coconut oil are numerous. The oil is used to soften dry skin and intensely moisturize it. Its abundance in fatty acids frequently serves as a good foundation for hair and skincare products and it doesn’t clog your pores. On dry, sensitive, itchy, and damaged skin, the oil is effective. Due to its natural antiseptic properties, coconut oil reduces all skin infections. 


Because it deeply nourishes the skin, wheat germ oil is a carrier oil that is used in massages. Natural antioxidants in the oil aid in healthy blood circulation. It aids in the growth of new cells that repair skin damaged by the sun. The oil’s anti-inflammatory properties aid in the fight against bacteria that cause acne and skin blemishes. 


A very light and flavorless oil used in massages is grapeseed oil. Acne and other skin blemishes are lessened by the oil. The oil contains essential fatty acids along with antioxidants. The oil’s antifungal properties make the skin’s texture better and shield it from harm.  


Vitamin E oil is essential for preventing skin damage from damaging UV rays and minimizing the effects of aging. It has a strong moisturizing quality. It is a fantastic carrier oil for the skin and a natural preservative. The most common carrier oil is thought to be vitamin E. It has amazing rejuvenating and glowing properties for the skin. 


When combined with essential oils, carrier oils have countless advantages. The use of essential oils is incredibly safe when carrier oils are used. All skin types can benefit from the vitamins and minerals found in the carrier oils, which help to hydrate them. These days, carrier oils are also used in cosmetic formulations and give your skin a very smooth appearance. 

benefits of rosehip oil for face
Essential Oils Benefits

6 Benefits Of Rosehip Oil For Face And How To Use It

Rosehip essential oil can proffer the amazing benefits for your skin and hair. This natural product has outstanding potential for nourishing skin and making hair stronger, shinier, and longer. Here, in this article, we will introduce the breakthrough importance of the benefits of Rosehip Oil for face. 

Many dermatologists and chemists say that it’s one of the finest skincare products. It’s enriched with essential fatty acids, including omega-3 (linolenic acid) and omega-6 (linoleic acid), and antioxidants that are beneficial in skin cell’s regenerations.  

Furthermore, this is good for reducing the scars and fine lines problems. Rosehip oil has myriads of exceptional medicinal properties that make it a quintessential natural product for treating different kinds of ailments. 

Natural essential oils are being extracted from the plant and its parts, and where these products keep the essence, aromatic properties, and characteristics of their source. For a long time, these natural products have been used for different purposes, including for health concerns, aromatherapy, and perfumery. 

We all must be aware of the properties of natural essential oils. A number of therapeutic properties make them quintessential for dealing with cough, cold, flu, fever, respiratory problems, digestive issues, skin problems, and hair problems. Worldwide, these have gained the acceptance of people for different reasons. Rosehip seed oil is extracted from pressed fruit and seeds of rose plants.

Benefits of Rosehip Oil for Face – An Introduction

Rosehip has high levels of vitamin C that will be helpful for reducing the appearance of fine lines as well as wrinkles. This natural oil is an excellent one to fight against the free-radicals and brightening of the skin. Furthermore, it’s good for repairing skin and natural barriers. Let’s walk through the benefits of Rosehip oil for skin.


Rosehip oil is one of the most effective alternatives for moisturizing. Where the mixture of fatty acids & water make it perfect as moisturizers, it’s also good for hydrating skin for more hours, as this is good for healthy and glowing skin.

Treating Wrinkles

Rosehip oil inherits robust properties, including anti-inflammatory fatty acids, and natural compounds such as vitamins A and C. All these make the rosehip oil a good natural oil for aging and for repairing damaged skin. This is also effective for repairing the damaged skin and also provides antioxidant boosts.

Brightening Skin

The astringent properties of Rosehip natural oil help in the tightening of the skin pores and can be good for producing the glowing effect on the skin. In the case of daily skin care, routine rosehip essential works effectively. Benefits of Rosehip oil for skin are not limited to this but also good for irritating skin, acne, scars, and dull skin.

Best for Acne And Scars

Natural essential oil is the best natural product that is good for acne and scars. This natural oil contains vitamin A and linoleic acid, which make it good for regulating sebum production.


The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of rosehip oil help in making it effective for acne. Also, it’s helpful for preventing blackheads and whiteheads. Rosehip oil can produce a positive impact on reducing the appearance of scars.

Fresh Skin

Rosehip oil has also been used for enhancing the look of your skin, where it’s helpful for providing fresh and youthful skin. If you want to avail of the benefits of rosehip oil, then you should add a few drops to your face. It’s used as a wonderful ingredient due to anti-inflammatory properties and the presence of fatty acids, vitamins A and C. Meanwhile, good for treating facial scars as well as marks.

Skin Irritation

Rosehip oil for face, it is the perfect natural product for providing relief from skin irritation. Vitamin E and Anthocyanin are found in the Rosehip that is known for calming and soothing effects. Therefore it’s widely used for rosacea, eczema, and other kinds of skin related problems. Just add the rosehip oil in your skincare routine. Rosehip will also work as a natural exfoliator.

How to Use Rosehip Oil

Let’s go through how to use this natural product to get better results? Here rosehip oil for face can be used by using two to three drops in the palm. And Apply the same on your face where you can also oil in your moisturizer, which will give better results on using the same two times in a day- including morning and night. This will diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and anti-aging effects.

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